September 9, 2019

Weird Things on my Mind

Happy Monday friends! I was a bit absent last week- long story short, an awful ear infection and what may be more, took me down.

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Plush Design Studio on Unsplash
I did have some time at the end of the week for happy hour with a few girlfriends. I was talking about the weird thoughts that come to my mind and how silly it is that I sometimes blog about these things, but they encouraged me that these thoughts are real life. I'm all about real, so here we are. Blame it on the ear infection, all the studying of insurance concepts or my silly's some weird things on my mind recently.

-If you have an electronic toothbrush (like me), do you still actively brush your teeth, or do you let the toothbrush just go to work?! If you do still put the motion in to it, is this extra, brownie points for the dentist?

-On the subject of oral hygiene- how did you come to use the toothpaste you do? From your parents? Or did you just go to Target one day and load up your cart with the first one...or five, that looked appealing?

-Why is everyone so mad about pumpkins? Yes, the season of Fall begins September 21, but I don't see anyone freaking out about when people wish for Summer! It's like pumpkin spice latte's bring out the crazy in people. Do you, boo!

-Am I the only one who likes emptying the dishwasher when I'm home alone? I'm not a delicate person- I'm actually pretty clumsy and loud. When the family is home and I'm emptying the dishwasher, someone is always asking me if I'm okay out there (in the kitchen). Like I'm dying over the silverware emptying, but really there's just a (loud) method to my madness.

-Do all Starbucks play the same songs at the same time? Is there a playlist? Or, does each store have it's own vibe? I was in two different locations studying Saturday and then again Sunday and the vibe and music inside were quite opposite. One was super loud playing some songs I recognized that are recent hits, while the other was way more chill and had oldies in between some slow jams. 

These...are the weird things on my mind. Anything from you? Please enlighten me ;) 
My test that I've been waiting to get over with (ha) is today, cross your fingers for me! Have a great start to your week, xo!

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