September 13, 2019

Organizing Keepsakes

I am one of those people that saves cards and keepsakes. Sorry Marie Kondo, I enjoy them and I DO value and look at them often.
Photo by Uby Yanes on Unsplash
I had started a small pile of some things I wanted to keep for Bella such as clothes, the journal that I wrote in every day while on bed rest, and some other things and then it grew. Knowing I wanted to stay organized and have it make sense to her I sat down to compile it and make it last in a way that would make sense and not be overwhelming or take up a lot of space.
This isn't rocket science, but it's better than them being in a bag at the bottom of her closet and went about it in a way that she will know why Chuck and I decided to hold on to them.
First I purchased a large Rubbermaid container- you know, the ones you store your Christmas decor in. I also picked up some notecards and plastic freezer bags. I then went through the keepsakes and grouped them in to things I could put together.
For example, I put her first baby hat, coming home from the hospital outfit and her little Halloween costume from the NICU together- all things hospital related. I put some of the "firsts" we purchased for her- the first bib I bought that has cupcakes on it before I even knew she was a girl, an adorable onesie Daddy bought for her and a Madonna one that I bought YEARS ago way before she was even a thought. My Mom LOVED Madonna and when I saw it in a consignment store I had to have it.
I wrote notes on the notecards as to why we saved it and why it was special. This way, when Bella is looking at these YEARS later she knows why these items meant so much.
I have a bunch of Ethan's favorite tees from over the years, and plan to make a t-shirt quilt for him to have for years to come. I know I'm not crafty enough to do this and definitely don't sew- although he did tell me a few weeks ago it would be cool if I learned to sow for whenever I need to fix something of his. LOL.
Everything is stacked neatly and orderly on top of one another and having the bags helps keep everything super organized and safe throughout the years. I included the journal I wrote in every day on bed rest, some of the decorations the nurses made for our room the weekend before Bella's arrival and her first footprints and cute things they made with them in the NICU. These are some things that wouldn't typically fit in her baby book that I want her to have.
You could do this with things of your own as you see yourself no longer using them, or things from your childhood that you want to save for your future child, niece, nephew, etc.
It's become such an efficient and meaningful way to save keepsakes and keep them organized, which I am big on. I store the container in the basement and add things from time to time that I want to hold on to.

How do you organize your keepsakes? Have you ever tried a method like this?

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