September 27, 2019

IT Cosmetics Lash Blowout Mascara Review

Not too long ago I saw lots of influencers receiving packages from the new collaboration with IT Cosmetics and Drybar and the Lash Blowout Mascara.
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If you have been reading here for a while, you know I love mascara. It's my favorite beauty product and I enjoy trying lots of them out to see what works best. In fact, I even compiled a Mascara 101 blog post sharing details about a wide range of mascara products.
To be honest, I don't use Drybar products on the regular and have not been to one of their salons. We don't have any salons near us and the few products I have used from Drybar I did enjoy, but the smell was too much for me.
Luckily, I was able to pick up the new mascara at Ulta, and it doesn't smell bad ;) I was really excited to try this out because there's been a lot of hype around the Lash Blowout Mascara. It's the first collaboration I've seen between a hair company for a mascara which is really cool. I'm a sucker for packaging, and theirs is spot on and totally cute!

Some more about the product details:
From ITCosmetics-  "Inspired by the technology used to create barrel hair brushes, this mascara’s specially designed wand features microspheres to gently catch all of your lashes and deliver beautiful separation, instant lift and structured volume.
The biotin-infused formula contains transparent polymers that intensify the saturation of super black pigment, creating a bold lash look. You won’t see any clumps or flakes—just blowout lift, blowout volume and blowout drama that lasts!"
My first impressions:
It is .24 fluid oz.- not a lot of product, especially when compared to all my other mascara products, both cheaper ones and high-end mascaras carry more product for the price. The tube is deceiving though, it looks big and as if it would contain a lot! 
At $25, I'd say it's average priced for a higher-end product, especially the well known names in this collaboration.
The packaging is cute and one of the first things I noticed when browsing Ulta. My eye was drawn to the familiar text and colors of the signature companies collaborating for the product.
The tube of mascara itself does appear large, and that it may be awkward to hold and use at first, but it's not.

My thoughts:
As a mascara lover, I have a routine. I curl one eye of lashes, apply my L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Primer and then go to the next eye and curl while the primer has a minute to sit on my lashes. I pretty much always, after my primer use the Essence Lash Princess False Lash Mascara as a base and build on the first layer of primer. So, then I used the Lash Blowout and wow was I disappointed. I felt like my lashes looked WORSE with more mascara, so I played around a bit and went on my way.
The next day, I decided to still use my primer, but not use a base mascara and simply use the Lash Blowout Mascara on it's own. This was a bit better for results, but I still wasn't too impressed. I think it's such a big bummer when there's a lot of buzz and talk about a product and it lets me down. But, I know that not everything works on everyone- so I wanted to give it a little more time and test it out. I will add that I think I have pretty nice lashes. They're decently long, curl well and usually mascara helps add so much to my look.
The following day, I used my primer to start and really spent time rolling and applying the Lash Blowout and yet again wasn't thrilled. It was better when taking more time, but honestly I don't have that time every morning- especially for $25.
Ultimately, I made the decision to return it. I don't do this often with makeup but I couldn't justify keeping it when I didn't love it and could get something I've used and enjoy instead. 

I don't want to steer anyone away from buying it, but several people asked me to share my thoughts when they saw I was purchasing it earlier this week. If this was a $7 mascara I would keep it and use it as needed or desired, but with a higher pricetag I couldn't do it.
Have you tried or heard of this new mascara? What's your favorite mascara?
I hope you all enjoy your weekend- we have family and Bella's birthday pictures tomorrow, wish us luck ;)
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