September 30, 2019

Everyone Has Their Stuff

Life is busy, we all know's nothing new. 
Photo by Will Fuller on Unsplash
Your career, family, unexpected turns, happens. There are times when we have to lean more heavily on one another because life gets to be too much some days. In this crazy, busy world we have to remember that EVERYONE has their stuff. Everyone you pass is dealing with something, big or small, stressful or wild.
Be kind to one another. Let a car go in front of you in traffic, pay for someone's coffee behind you at the drive thru, bring their newspaper from the driveway to the doorstep, say hello and wave kindly. These things may feel small to you, but it's how we are supposed to treat one another.
Life is not a comparison game, while we all have things going on there is always time to support one another. Unfortunately, recently a lot of people close to me have been dealing with tough things- me included. I am SO very thankful that these people still take time out of their day to check on me and my situation and let me vent for a few minutes.
If someone is having a hard time, you help them. You never know when you will need the kindness back. I think with how much access we have to communication these days, that way too often we actually aren't communicating. I've been so guilty at times of having my head buried in my phone in a waiting room or walking in to work. Set the phone down, look around and say hello, take in the sunshine. Life is too short to be worried about what's on Instagram. Take a break and check in on your people. Text a friend who you haven't chatted with in a while. Meet a co-worker for a walk at lunch to get the stress out. It doesn't always have to be big plans and lots of time to be there for someone.
I've done a lot of preaching here...but my message today is: Everyone has their stuff. Please remember to be helpful and reach out to your neighbor. Be kind to one another- it makes all the difference.

I hope your week ahead is full of good things. Thank you for reading!

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