September 11, 2019

An Aldi's Cheese Board

I love me some cheese, and even better is inexpensive, delicious cheese.
A few weeks ago at a trip to one of my favorite places, Aldi's I decided to pick up a variety of things to make a cheese board for Chuck and I to snack on during the weekend. 
I thought I'd share what we tried and how inexpensive a cheese board can be. I'm not a big fan of jams or jellies, so you won't see any of that here. Now that the weather is getting cooler I could see myself incorporating some dips on the board to go with the cheese and crackers.
Here's what we ate:
manchego cheese ($4) - buttery, smooth and delicious
sharp white cheddar ($2.75)- comparable to a favorite Chuck buys at Wegmans's for triple the price
colby jack ($1.59)- call me basic, I love this stuff
garlic and herb goat cheese ($2)- anything with garlic and we are sold, so good
cocoa almonds ($5)- a nice taste of sweetness mixed with the cheese
rosemary butter crackers ($2) - even Ethan loved these, and he is the pickiest eater I know
cracked pepper wheat crackers ($2)- just like Triscuits, but cheaper!
sea salt gluten free crackers ($2)- my favorite, this brand and variety is so tasty

I added some cute napkins I had in the buffet and made things kinda cute. Chuck and I enjoyed this during Bella's nap-time while we watched some TV- it made for a yummy and easy lunch! A nice little date under $25 in the comfort of your own can't beat it.

What's your favorite cheese? What do you incorporate on your cheese boards?

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