September 23, 2019

15 Random Facts About Me

I really enjoy reading random facts about other people, so I thought I'd share some about me today!

-I don't know how to swim, and really am terrified to learn. I pretty much always start with this fact about me, lol.
-My hair is naturally curly. In the past year I've worn it curly less than a handful of times. I usually blow it out straight once every 6-7 days and curl it with a curling iron one of those days.
-Black is my favorite color. At my previous job, we had to wear black every day so it was pretty easy for me. I do love the option to wear anything I want now, but my heart is still drawn to black.
-Easter is my favorite holiday, but Fall is my favorite season. I wish it could be fall year round!
-Chocolate peanut butter is my favorite flavor ice cream. When I had my final wedding dress fitting and it went on like a glove, I went directly to Coldstone Creamery afterwards to get a chocolate peanut butter milkshake ;)
-I've been with Chuck for almost 12 years, but this week we will be married for four!
-I love to decorate, and put a tree up for almost every holiday- it's a silver pencil tree and currently it's decorated for Halloween. My favorite tree to decorate each year is my coffee tree during Christmas.
-My nails are painted pretty much all the time, on Sunday or Monday nights I like to give myself a manicure. For special occasions I'll go to the nail salon for a gel manicure though.
-Pittsburgh is my favorite city, if we didn't live in Erie, we would be in Pittsburgh.
-I fell in love with Boston when we visited for an anniversary trip a few years ago and can't wait to go back. 
-I've been to Miami and Las Vegas lots of times and people have been coming to me for recommendations and I LOVE that. I have notes saved in my phone of all my favorite places in each city and ones I'd like to check out!
-I didn't start drinking coffee until about 9 years ago when I worked at the bank and my co-workers got me hooked. I've never drank as much coffee as when I was on maternity leave-LOL.
-I am pretty obsessed with the sky, sunsets, sunrises- you name it- I take pictures of it. You should see my camera roll.
-I'm love, love, love that Bella is obsessed with shoes. She says SHOES all the time and loves putting shoes on ;)
-I've been blogging for 5 years, June marked a whole handful of time Dream Big and Buy the Shoes has been a thing here on the Internet. I'm super thankful for the friendships I've made, people I've met and all the fun blogging has brought to my life. Thank you for being here!

Tell me something about YOU in the comments. Have a great day and week. Happy first day of FALL! Xo!

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