August 30, 2019

The Best Jewelry Cleaner

I found the most AMAZING suggestion last week and it worked so well, I just have to share it with you!

This is originally from Living With Landyn and it is amazing. To start, let me tell you that you only want to use it on real diamonds, platinum and gold. It's funny that I came across this, because I had a ring cleaner in my Amazon cart ready to purchase soon. 

You will need:
Windex or glass cleaner
Dish soap, I used Dawn
Small glass bowl
Soft bristle toothbrush
I purchased all my items at the Dollar Tree-score! Only $4, and this will last forever (even cheaper than Amazon). 
To clean:
Add 2 cups Windex to glass bowl with a few drops of dish soap. Without jewelry, microwave for 1 minute. Remove carefully, use a potholder so that you don't burn your hands. Place your jewelry in the bowl and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. I did some laundry, un-loaded and re-loaded the dishwasher, etc. This would be great to do on days I wash my hair, since it takes me longer. 
Let that jewelry soak well so that all the gunk can come off. The longer, the better! When you're ready to clean, gently brush your gems. Get in between prongs, stones and all the grooves.
Rinse with lukewarm water and dry with a paper towel- now those baubles are ready to really sparkle!
I'm not the best photographer, but trust me when I say how beautiful my rings look after using this cleaner. I am SO impressed.

It is SO easy and works SO well...unbelievable. You want to use this weekly, and you can save the solution by putting a lid on it and storing it in a safe place (Landyn suggests under the sink). Just re-heat each time and discard after a month's use. 
I hope you try this out and LOVE it, I am so thrilled I found this cleaner and just had to share it with you!
Have the best weekend, hope it's extra sparkly ;)

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