August 26, 2019

Peace of Mind with SmartBeat Monitor

We were in the market for a new monitor, but it's one of those things that you purchased once for your baby and really don't want to spend the money on again. The only thing wrong with ours was that it was losing charge really easily, so it constantly had to be plugged in.
The Smart Beat team reached out to me to see if we wanted to try one out at the perfect time. We've been using this new monitor for over a month and are really loving it.
Smart Beat tracks movement by checking the color of its 2 million pixels 20 times every second. Every time your child moves, a pixel changes color. The specialized algorithm then analyzes the color changes to determine your child's actual breathing rate. This sophisticated monitor provides video and breath detection, ALL IN ONE- no need for extra devices or products.
Smart Beat was created after CEO Nate Ruben had a premature baby in the NICU. His wife Sarah spent lots of time dealing with anxiety that anything could happen to their baby while sleeping. Nate knew there had to be something to help...enter Smart Beat.
It sounds complicated, but it's a really easy product. I love that you use the app on your phone to monitor everything and make sure your baby is safe. I am one of those people who, like Sarah, constantly looks at the monitor to make sure Bella's chest is moving and that she's breathing. Smart Beat has helped me take the worry out of the time Bella isn't right in front of us.
Once we put her down for a nap or to bed for the evening, I simply open the Smart Beat app and press a button that I want to start monitoring. The app asks me to click where Bella is located in the frame and the breath detection and monitoring begins. I can move along and freely open use other apps, while Smart Beat still runs in the background, and you can still hear the sound even if you're in another app. Smart Beat runs on any size or age, so it's something that will last us a very long time. I love the peace of mind I have knowing that we will be monitored if she were to stop breathing. SmartBeat sends an alarm to the phone if the person you are monitoring stops breathing for 20 seconds, which is a clinical apnea. Notifications will be sent if the breathing rate is high or low enough to be a cause for concern. You also get alerts when they have fallen asleep, or when they have woken up- and that doesn't mean just crying. The movements and change in breathing can cause an alert. I don't find that the SmartBeat gives any false alarms in our experience- each alert has been accurate and I've found it to be extremely helpful. I am someone who always has my phone on silent and I LOVE that you still get the notifications and alarms even if the phone is in sleep mode or if the ringer is off- I don't have to change my ways to keep Bella safe.

Some of the additional features I love about Smart Beat:
-HD video and digital zoom
-night vision
-two-way audio
-breathing rate chart (shows how many beats per minute)
-uses iOS & Android apps
-night-stand mode (allows your phone to go in to a night-time mode with a black screen and alerts that come through and audio still available)
-data encryption (the data on the monitor is sent through a dedicated in-home network through a base station that plugs directly in to your wi-fi router- means outsiders cannot access your data)

We are so thankful for Smart Beat and how well it works for us. I love getting the alerts when I'm not home and out running an errand so I can know when Bella is up. (I'm that mom). It's so easy to use and has been wonderful for keeping my anxiety at bay.
I was given a SmartBeat monitor to review. All thoughts and opinions are based on my experience and 100% true.
Have you heard of Smart Beat? What type of monitor do you use for your child?

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