August 28, 2019

August Coffee Date

August came and went in the blink of an eye. Holy. Moly.

Photo by Natanja GrĂ¼n on Unsplash

I thought it was time for a post to catch up and ramble and hopefully get us ready for September. Grab your latte, and let's get to chatting.
This month was nuts. It was busy, overwhelming, sad...but beyond all of that it was laid-back, fun and well spent. Summer is always super busy- there's parties, holidays, so much time spent enjoying the sunshine and good weather and while all those things are enjoyable it eventually takes a toll on me and I need to sit home for a weekend and do nothing.
So, we did just that. One weekend we did a ton of cleaning in the garage, purged so many things that were overdue, donated two car loads to Salvation Army and got it done! I was so happy with our progress, there's still one or two small piles and areas to go through but we can save that for when it's cold out ;) I've been downsizing and getting rid of decor I don't put out anymore as we go through the holidays which has helped and also finally took the time to organize some of Bella's keepsakes.  I have a post coming next week for anyone holding on to some mementos and wants to keep them orderly.
Work has been good, every day seems to be so busy but I love that. I am learning so much, getting experience doing new things and challenging myself. I enjoy that the days don't drag and that I have a great team and boss so it makes for an awesome environment. I remember last year being so worried that going back to working full time after Bella was going to be so hard, but getting pictures from the sitter during the day and truly loving my job has made it easy. There are still days it breaks my heart driving away while she stands at the door waving to me, but it's wonderful for her to be around other kids and she loves it. It's important to challenge yourself, no matter what your career. Remember not to become complacent, always strive for something new.
I got a lot of reading done which was nice, since right now my face has been buried in some insurance books. I'm studying for another designation- I put this particular test off twice and know I just need to get it done. So, cross your fingers I pass in a few weeks.
We spent time in August enjoying the things around us- the local amusement park, playgrounds, the peninsula and just taking it easy. Those slow nights after a busy work day spent with the kids sure are great and I'm so thankful for all the local spots. This month I want to find more local things to do, maybe go apple picking too!
Ethan started school Monday and I'm mind-blown that he's a sophomore in high school. From kindergarten to now, it's flown by. I literally have to sit here sometimes and wonder how it's possible that he's going to be driving in a few months, like, WHAT?! Always a good reminder to slow down and enjoy this season you're in. Whether it's kids going back to school, an exciting chapter in your life, plans for a new beginning. Every season of life isn't easy, but that doesn't mean there aren't points to be enjoyed.
...August was nice, but I won't lie- I'm really excited for September and the start of my favorite season.
How was your month? Any big plans for Fall?

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