July 3, 2019

My New Favorite Bag

I apologize if you aren't a Mom, but I just have to rave about my new-ish bag, that you may not have heard of if you aren't specifically looking for a hands-free option.
Honestly though, you may also enjoy this even if you don't have little ones to chase around. There are affiliate links in this post, thank you for your support!
Wanting to switch out of a traditional diaper bag came about one day when I realized when we were out and about one weekend that I didn't need all the STUFF that was in my diaper bag. Lugging around a big bag full of things you don't need just isn't fun, especially when you're juggling other items at a store and wrangling a little one in a cart, or running around the park. I shared a post last year about what I carried in the diaper bag- and with a newborn you always want extra clothes, bibs, bottles, and anything you may need in preparation for the fear of what may happen when you're not at home- LOL.
I LOVE backpack style bags because they are hands-free and SO easy to use. I had my eye on a Freshly Picked bag for quite a while and as it came time to not need a diaper bag anymore I did some more research and decided to purchase it. I got it on sale for $75 and went with the mini convertible diaper bag in cognac. Freshly Picked has a LOT of color options on their direct site, but I chose this one because I felt like it would match a lot of things I already have in my closet.

 Let's talk about the bag details:
The Mini diaper bag is 10”W x 11”H x 5”D, which makes it compact and sleek with still being stylish. It has a handle on top that is sturdy and convenient, and the top flap snaps closed over top of a zippered closure which I LOVE- it keeps everything secure inside the bag. There are two pockets outside that are meant for bottles and a zip pocket in the very front. Inside the bag there are four pocket organizers and one zippered pocket. This was one of the selling features for me- all the ways to organize your items inside the bag is such a plus! There are also four protective metal "feet" on the bottom of the bag so that if it's touching a surface the leather isn't laying flat on it- also helpful. Before adding items, the bag weighs 1.30 lbs and I really am thankful for how lightweight it is.
Here's what I carry in my new bag:
In the front zippered pocket I stash some of my personal items- a Sephora lip balm, a small Kleenex pack, Honest hand sanitizer, a mini Neutrogena Kids Sunscreen stick, and a pen. In the outside pocket, I will stash Bella's Munchkin 360 cup on one side, and the other is usually empty, but sometimes I will throw her Wubanub pacifier in it if we are out and she doesn't have it on her.
Inside, in the open area I keep my wallet and small makeup bag. In one of the pockets without zippers a few diapers and package of wipes, another holds some small snacks and a little pouch with some essential oil rollerballs and my work badge, and a mini Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray for a bad hair day emergency ;)
I use this bag every day, even taking it to work- minus Bella's items for those days. It is nice and compact, and the perfect size for on the go use! 

What's your favorite everyday bag? I'll be back next Monday with a new post. Have a wonderful Fourth of July and great weekend!

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