July 26, 2019

Best Dollar Tree Buys

I'm a Dollar Tree addict. There, I said it...
Photo by David Clarke on Unsplash
My husband and I were talking about how we were embarrassed when we were younger that our parents shopped at the dollar store. Not now- I proudly shop there, and usually it's weekly. I thought I'd share a round-up of things I purchase regularly from the Dollar Tree that are really great for only $1.
Snacks are in my cart every visit to the Dollar Tree- from graham crackers, to Goldfish and trail mix- there really is something for every one. I'm not a huge fan of individually wrapped snacks because I think it's a waste and too harmful on the environment- but sometimes they are handy for car rides or lunches eaten while out and about. I stock up for the kids' lunches and things to have at my desk and fill up stockings and Easter baskets with goodies from here, too.
Dollar Tree is my jam for gift bags, tissue paper and ribbon. You can get so much for so cheap. I love cute gift bags and wrapping paper- so much so that I have a gift wrapping station at home :) I'm not the best wrapper so I tend to appreciate bags and ribbons more and Dollar Tree is definitely the place to go since everything is only $1. I've purchased some REALLY cute bags here that you would never expect came from the Dollar Tree.
Holiday themed candy can be pricey at Target or Wal-Mart and I usually am able to avoid buying it, simply due to the cost. When I do want some for a classroom party, a gathering, part of a basket or stocking, etc..this is the place to go. Bags of candy can run you $4 at the big retailers, but only $1 at Dollar Tree. Score!
Did you know they sell Hallmark greeting cards at the Dollar Tree? It's such a great deal- you can usually get 2 for $1 on most cards, which is a HUGE savings from an actual Hallmark store. I occasionally will still visit Hallmark, but let's be honest- a lot of people simply toss cards. Contrary to Marie Kondo's beliefs- I save a lot, if not most and have them in a keepsake box. I go through them from time to time if I'm having a bad day or miss my Mom. Different people keep different things, for me- it's cards so I appreciate nice ones. Dollar Tree cards are a wonderful option.
Chuck is always joking with me about how I love returning things. To me, it beats spending time in a store dressing room hot and bothered trying on a million things then going to the next store. I almost exclusively shop online and sometimes do have to return something that doesn't work. You can buy shipping items such as large envelopes, shipping tape, labels and I also just saw garage sale signs here. Large signs, permanent markers--all for...yep, $1!!!
This may sound silly but I buy my gum at Dollar Tree because I can get 4 packs in 1 package for way less than a pack at another store. 
Any time I need party plates, cutlery and napkins this is my place to go- lots of colors and prints and a lot in a pack for your dollar.
Now that Bella is getting older, she loves to color and create. I have purchased brand name Crayola products- crayons, markers, coloring sheets and supplies from Dollar Tree. I also just purchased several different caddy's and bins for things such as her larger art items, and smaller things like crayons and markers. I purchased a little snap-tight box to put crayons and stickers in for the diaper bag so they don't make a mess all over the inside of it. They also have canvas' to paint on in a variety of sizes- we used them for Father's Day and Mother's Day gifts!

You can get a lot of great decor for parties at Dollar Tree- I purchased all of the vases we used for the centerpieces for Bella's party here. I've used them for other things since then, and you're also able to shop online and ship to the store for FREE. They have a huge variety and bigger selection online which is a great option.

As you can tell, I'm a huge Dollar Tree fanatic. There are some things I believe you shouldn't buy there- meat, some off brand things that aren't great quality such as plastic wrap and beauty items. But- these are my tried and true go-to's.
 What do you purchase from the Dollar Tree?

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