July 19, 2019

21 Months With Bella

How in the world is our baby girl almost 2? I still call her my baby most days, and may be in denial that she's growing so fast!
I thought it was time for another Bella update since she's already changed so much since the last one! All in all, life is good. There's toddler meltdowns and the occasional sassy fit but Bella is pretty much always up for fun and is a great child. 
Loves- the pool, playing outside, shoes (shoe, shoe, shoe- she loves saying it and putting them on), walks in her car (she loves honking the horn, waving to people on our walk, getting in and out of it, and storing things in the cupholder like her snacks and pacifier), the amusement park, her babies also known as Cabbage Patch Dolls (she carries them around and says awwwww and gives them kisses and hugs) and is OBSESSED with her big brother, Ethan. Cute story- I was off one day during the week not too long ago and had to run to the grocery store and planned on taking both kids since we were getting lunch after. Bella did NOT want to leave Ethan's room and was snuggled in his bed, giggling and smiling so I asked him to hang out with her while I ran to get some things. In the 30 minutes I was gone I got 7 pictures and 2 videos of them being silly, Bella dancing, sticking her tongue out and was laughing so hard walking through the store. When I came home, Ethan told me I needed to go on a date night with Dad soon because Bella entertains him more than anything. It was so precious, and they are so cute together.
Bella is also obsessed with beads. We went to the Pride parade in Erie and she got a TON and she is constantly wearing them. She loves taking them off from around her neck and putting them back on, over and over again. She is very particular and puts them on one by one and wears them with her pajamas, around the house, while in her bathing suit...basically always, even in the tub. LOL She dances around the house all the time, and loves listening to records with Daddy- Sunday morning she picks one out and dances all around's so precious.
Not a fan of- getting her hair rinsed in the bathtub,when we walk out of a room and don't warn her- LOL...even if we are just going to the next room to grab something she likes coming with us. 
Sleeping- great, she goes to bed earlier some nights since she's so worm out from playing outside all day. Some nights she cries at an odd hour in the morning (3-4 am) and seems scared when we go in to her room to comfort her, so she will come to our bed and finishes sleeping just fine. It's nice to snuggle sometimes still :) She's usually in bed by 8:30 pm and up at 6:45 am. 
Eating- so  much, she loves food! She is a great eater and will try anything- I love that about her. She used to love tacos, but it must be the texture because she's not a fan anymore. I had to change her birthday party theme from Taco Twosday...we can't have a taco fiesta for a little girl who's no longer in to them- ha! She loves fruit and often eats that for a snack...and also really enjoys snacking in general ;)
Stats- last time she was at the doctor was May 21 due to pink eye, and she had another ear infection. As of then Bella was 23 lbs. 11 oz. and 2 feet 10 inches tall. She finally has a cute little belly that we love to tickle and is growing so well!

Bella has learned how to- cheers with cups, participate in gymnastics class and has been tumbling which is absolutely adorable- she knows how to bend over and touch her toes, look for her belly button and then ROLL! ha-ha
Bella has learned where her nose, button (belly button) and piggers (feet) are and cracks up when she touches them as we ask. She has learned how to use silverware and is getting better and better as the days go on and it's so wild to see her growing up so fast. Bella has learned to drink out of a straw and loves water, she drinks it allll day long- I love that!
What else Bella has been up to since our last update- Bella Charles went on her first family beach vacation to Duck, North Carolina and had a blast. As I mentioned, she has started gymnastics class and is getting very brave- balance beam, bars, trampoline and tumbles...she's learning so much!
 It's very different having a baby vs. a toddler around water and since I don't swim I tend to be very anxious. Chuck and Ethan are both great with Bella in the water and since being around one all week on vacation, she really has no fear. We are going to start swim lessons this fall with her, maybe we can get a BOGO- lol.
Bella loves to hold our hands and shows us where she wants to go, she leads us to the kitchen or her room and it's so cute. She knows bath time when I say "let's go take a bath",she runs in the bathroom, pulls open the curtain and waits for the water to fill up- she really enjoys playing in the tub. All of a sudden as of lately when you say her name or ask to take a picture she sticks her tongue out and cracks up. I'm not sure where she learned it, but it's pretty silly. She is gated from all the steps in our house, but when she finds some she loves to walk up and down over and over and over, with supervision of course. We all get a workout in ;) We went to my Dad & Stepmom's boat and enjoyed a day on the water and she did NOT stop moving, dancing, playing...she fell asleep the last 10 minutes of our boat ride back to the dock, go figure. She's a hoot!
I can't even believe she will be 2 in just a few months. Chuck was sharing some pictures with me from this time last year of Bella, and the difference is incredible. She's truly growing so much and developing her interests and fun personality. We are all so blessed and thankful she's ours. I told some people recently how I was nervous of the age difference and how it would affect Ethan and Bella's relationship. While he definitely has his own fun and is older, Ethan is so good to Bella and we are so proud of the big brother he is to her. I love how much she adores him and is so happy to be around him all the time. Life is busy, but so good and full of fun!

Thanks for reading, hope you have a great weekend!

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