June 24, 2019

The Loveliest Weekend

It's been a while since I've shared a weekend recap, and this past one was quite perfect.

Saturday morning we headed to Pittsburgh to visit some family. Chuck's Dad was in town for the weekend and they were going to the Pirates game - Bella and I opted for a girls day. I didn't have anything planned for the two of us and a lot of museums closed early so we headed to Sewickley, about 20 minutes outside of the city to explore.
Not too long ago I had seen some Pittsburgh ladies share about this cute new coffee shop, The Loveliest and have been wanting to go there. It's the most Instagrammable place I have EVER been, and couldn't stop looking around at all the beautiful details. Bella and I did some shopping in the back of the shop, browsing through clothes and then made our way for coffee and treats. I ordered a lavender honey latte that was absolutely delicious and got to personalize it with my blog name on CUTE is that?!
They have the prettiest drinks- cotton candy lattes, ombre lemonade, edible glitter and much, much more! I loved that The Loveliest was kid friendly- they had toys for Bella to play with and it was a super chill spot. The owner and one of her daughter's stopped in with flowers, and I watched her little one make vases for the tables with one of the shop employees- just a cute little thing to oversee. You can tell it's an all-inclusive space with lots of potential, I've never seen anything like it.

After we finished our drinks, Bella and I roamed the cute little town and shopped some more- enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful day sitting on benches outside and taking it all in. We then made our way back in to the city, and Bella fell asleep in the car so instead of heading to the hotel we drove to Point State Park. It's a great spot to relax, with 36 acres of land, a large fountain and lots of area to roam. Bella woke up after I got her in her stroller, so we took a nice walk and then I let her out to run around by the fountain. She was a little timid of the water, but had fun regardless. A lady walking by saw me taking selfies with Bella being a little wild in my arms LOL and offered to take a picture of us, it was so sweet. 

We had such a fun girls day before meeting back up with Chuck and Grandpa! As we were leaving Pittsburgh driving out of the city Sunday morning, I told Chuck I love living in Erie- but am so thankful to have Pittsburgh so close to us. There's so much to do and see and fun to be had!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and have the best week ahead!

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