June 7, 2019

Recent Amazon Purchases

Happy Friday friends! It's time for another share of my recent Amazon purchases.
Photo by Tetsuya Tomomatsu on Unsplash
This includes a variety of items, and some things may be new to you or a product I shared on Instagram that I'm finally reviewing for you- either way...enjoy and happy shopping!
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Unfortunately these vintage sunglasses didn't work for me, but they are super cute. I am SUPER sensitive and get headaches easily- if my hair is up all day, if I use a certain type of hair tie, or if sunglasses don't fit quite right or are too heavy. I had a headache within an hour of wearing them, and I was bummed because they're inexpensive and can go with so much. 

I am in love with these soft high-waist leggings- under $10, feel like a second skin and are incredibly comfortable. Need I say more?! Great reviews on Amazon and I love the variety of color options.

Sharing these on Instagram a few times created several questions. These beauty blender dupes are worth the hype. They come in a 5 pack and work just as great as the real deal...a must buy!

Since we don't have one close, I purchase my Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning on Amazon in a two-pack! This is a great option for anyone like me who doesn't have the convenience of having a store in their city or nearby, praise the Amazon fairy ;) I also shared a handful of great recipes to make with the seasoning if you're interested.

This portable sound machine is a lifesaver and we've been using it more often with Bella- in the car on longer drives and when we aren't at home overnight. It is small enough to throw in a diaper bag and has lots of sounds and controls that make it easy to use-parenting win!

I was searching for some unique gifts for my niece's birthday and came across these inspirational shoe charms. She is an amazing runner and often brings me to tears watching her at her races. I don't know that she ever gets tired, but thought these were a cute gift and love that she put them on her shoes right away.

maxi dress with pockets?! YES PLEASE! I had so many people say "does that have pockets?!" when I recently wore it to a concert and I could happily say back, "yes it has pockets!". If you're not a female, you don't get it...but we LOVE dresses with pockets. This one was also extremely comfortable and I love the slits on both sides too.

I'll admit these took me way too long to buy...but we finally grabbed some furniture straps for Bella's nursery. As she's more mobile and in to EVERYTHING, I wanted to be safe and secure her dresser and bookcase to the wall. These are great, it's overwhelming with all the options out there. Easy to use and understand the directions, can't get better than that.

I love the color of this beach cover-up and was in need of a new one to add to my closet. This is cute, lightweight and very easy to wear.

A last minute purchase before vacation -this Melissa & Doug Water Wow book will help keep Bella entertained in the car. It includes four reusable pages that children can "color" on with a water pen. I remember having something similar when I was younger, and they aren't messy which is a bonus. If she's really in to it, I will be purchasing a few more to have on hand.

What have you bought from Amazon recently? Anything worth sharing?
Have a great weekend! I'll be back on TUESDAY next week for a book review :)

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