June 14, 2019

On Father's Day...

Father's Day is this weekend, and as a parent I think it's important to celebrate those that make a huge difference in our children's lives. Make sure you thank all those men who take time, show love and have helped influence your life on Sunday!

So for today, a little ode to the one I partner in crime, the wonderful husband of mine, and the amazing father to our children.
On Father's Day...
- we thank you for your dedication and hard work for our family.
-we appreciate you making the best dinners that we all enjoy.
-we are thankful for you always making us laugh, you produce the best giggles out of all of us.
-we love that you are always up for an adventure and making memories.
-we are so happy that you motivate us, joke with us when we get mad and make life fun even when we are trying to be serious sometimes.
-we enjoy that you are forever down for a ride around the peninsula and trip to the beach, including a stop for french fries and ice cream.
-we realize all you sacrifice for our family and are forever thankful that we are yours.
From playing at the park, taking time off work to be by our children's' side, making sure we eat dinner because honestly, some nights we would be eating cereal  and tucking (all of us) in at night- they're just a few moments and ways you make our days better.
There are way too many wonderful things to list about you-but I hope you know that when we smile, laugh with you, give you a big hug and kiss and look in to your eyes at the end of each day that you are a huge part of our happiness. Ethan, Bella and I are more than blessed to have you as the leading man in our life.
We love you for being you, the best Dad ever. On Father's Day (and every day) we are especially thankful for you and all that you are. Our  number one.

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