June 26, 2019

Love Every Ounce

A few incidents happened last week that led me to write this post, back to back-one day after the other and I think that was pretty intentional on a higher level.
Photo by Renee Fisher on Unsplash
I was giving Bella a bath and her curls were on a whole new level- so crazy, fun and cute. I kept giggling while she splashed around at how precious that little head of hair is and thought to myself, "when do we learn to start criticizing one's self?" I have naturally curly hair, and so many times have said things like- "I hate my hair", "These curls are so annoying", "I wish these curls would disappear". While my wild head of hair can be hard to manage at times I think I would cry if I heard Bella say anything like this. Starting that moment, I vowed that I won't say these things because I don't want my daughter to think that this kind of thinking is okay or normal.

I want Bella to love EVERY SINGLE OUNCE of her beautiful self. Yes, we can have bad hair days. Emotional days. Days when things aren't going our way. But this doesn't need to turn in to a way of life or picking yourself apart.
The change starts with me. Start with one glass of water. Start with one compliment to a stranger. Start with one "I love my hair today" in the mirror. Start with one walk around the neighborhood. Just start. It doesn't have to be a marathon, or a world changing event...putting in the effort makes all the difference.
"Your attitude determines your approach to life", was something I heard the very next day after the bath-time with Bella that got me thinking. I was attending a conference for work and one of the speakers said this and it's simple...and SO true. Are you going to be someone who tears themselves apart? Or are you going to be someone who wakes up and takes on the day with a positive attitude? He mentioned that by the age of 17, we hear the word NO 150,000 times and the word YES only 5,000. Now, THAT is some heavy information. Your attitude determines your approach to life. Turn those negative thoughts to positive ones, love every ounce of yourself and take it one step at a time. I will admit, I can find myself in ruts or have a bad series of events that take a toll on my mental state. It starts with one rough phone call or bit of bad news and can spiral from there. I try to take on one thing at a time or make a list of difficult things I have to do and cross them out one by one. Sometimes you think it's worse than it actually is, but when you put pen to paper you see that you CAN do it. YES, YES, YES- say that over and over again so that you can tackle what's in front of you. Make sure to love on YOURSELF first- because it all starts with you. Love every ounce- INSIDE AND OUT!
 I hope you remember that today, and every day forward you are 1000% worthy of the love you deserve- xoxo!

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