June 17, 2019

June 16, 2014

5 years ago I hit Publish on my very first blog post for Dream Big and Buy the Shoes.
Photo by Buco Balkanessi on Unsplash
I had so much excitement, energy and hope around that post. Part of the thrill in blogging in the beginning was that same excitement and energy and the feedback I received from my posts. It's part of what keeps me going five years later. The other part is the beauty of it all. Putting yourself out there isn't easy and every blogger chooses what they share. I share a LOT of myself, and while it's my choice, it's also incredibly refreshing and therapeutic which is helpful. The beauty is hearing that someone else is going through something similar or receiving an e-mail thanking me for the help or sharing advice. It's sharing a piece of clothing that makes me feel great and other women engaging in conversation about how it's inspiring to feel good with no regrets.
I've virtually connected with so many people- bloggers, readers, a community of women that have become my friends. I've met a handful of them in person, and hope to meet even more in years to come. I'll never forget when I was on bedrest in the hospital and a beautiful floral arrangement arrived from a group of my friends, who are bloggers. Some don't understand- but this community and the friendships are beautiful and so special. We get each other in ways that other's don't and I'm thankful to have them.
That's not to say that my own personal friendships with those I've known for years is not wonderful, because they are. These are the people that share my posts or encourage me on a daily basis and support my blog- not because they have to, but because they want to and they care. I'm so appreciative of those who read, like, share and engage with my posts here on Dream Big and Buy the Shoes, because this piece of the Internet is a large part of my life.
 I share my struggles, my accomplishments, my personal words and pieces of my life in hopes that I can inspire or encourage others. I want everyone to know that big things are possible with hard work and dreams.
I've made mistakes the past 5 years, I've taken time off and I've even debated shutting down the blog. I felt like I wasn't delivering what my community needed to hear at the time, but the beauty of blogging is sometimes time away allows you to become more creative. I won't always be everyone's cup of tea and that is OKAY. I'm here to deliver a message, share something that makes you smile, or make you laugh with a silly story about a recent hot mess I made of myself.
It all began June 16, 2014...
5 years later-
...772 posts published
3 website designs
lots of late nights
so many happy tears shed
...and hopefully tons of smiles passed on

THANK YOU for your continued support and love- it's because of this community that I can continue to live out my dream here on Dream Big and Buy the Shoes. Never stop...Dream Big friends! XO!

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