June 19, 2019

I Went Parasailing...

Something I have always wanted to do is go parasailing. I LOVE thrills and am a big fan of amusement parks and roller coasters for this reason.
Fun fact- I don't know how to swim, so being that it's over water was a bit scary to face for me- but I do feel safe in a life jacket so I finally was ready and decided to parasail while we were on our family beach vacation. I did some research on various companies that were near the area in the Outer Banks and read a bunch of reviews and I think that speaks to the experience the most. One company stood out, so we decided to book with Corolla Parasail for this reason and a few others.
Corolla Parasail has three different locations in the Outer Banks, they fly at two different heights and offer observers to join you on the experience-which are guaranteed unlike some other companies that only fit others on the boat space permitting.
We booked our parasailing adventure by phone, since we had some questions and were still deciding on who from our 12 person family was going to attend and participate. The owners on the phone were very friendly and informative and fit us in with no issues. As the busy season gets closer in the Summer, you may want to book a bit in advance due to time restrictions and potential weather conditions.
Ethan, my brother-in-law- Tucker and myself decided to parasail with Chuck, and my sister-in-law Camaria riding on the boat with us to observe. We had to arrive 30 minutes prior to sailing to fill out forms, pay and get ready for our walk to the boat. A woman greeted us outside as we arrived and found our reservation, went over the forms and explained a few things in further detail. We opted to purchase the $40 picture package since getting good cell phone pictures would be a little difficult once we were high up in the air. I'm SO happy we did, because they got some amazing shots of us and did not compare to iPhone photos- even though it has a great camera. They advertise that they take about 50 pictures, but we they captured 150 of us which was SO appreciated and they are memories of an awesome experience that we will have forever.
We were set up to go with another small group, but they had to cancel so after we were completely ready we all made the walk out to the was a very long walk, but full of beautiful sights on a nice sunny day. Bella loved running down the dock and laughed almost the whole way. Those of us riding on the boat were asked to take off our sandals, and our check-in hostess took a few group pictures of us before we left the rest of the family who wasn't flying or observing. A small pontoon-like boat arrived to pick us up and I have to admit that once we got on and got going I was a bit freaked out. It was a windy day, and rough on the water and for someone who doesn't swim I was intimidated and thinking- "What did I sign up for?"...but this boat took us to our larger boat that we would parasail from and I was immediately put to ease. One of the owners was the Captain, and was joined by another crew member who assisted with getting us set up with equipment for the parasailing experience and took the pictures. I was amazed by how easily they both could multi-task and navigate a large boat on the rough water- you could tell they were very experienced.
The Captain went over how things would happen, including going up in the air, precautions to take in case of an emergency and that everything was very easy and laid back. We couldn't fly three people at a time due to the rough winds, so Ethan and I flew first. We started by sitting down while they hooked things up and attached us to the parachute and next thing you knew we were on our way up in the air. I was SO excited, which is pretty evident from the pictures and Ethan was having a blast dancing the whole way up- LOL! We were up in the air for about 16 minutes- according to Chuck and his attention to details and it was so relaxing. We saw other parasailers from another boat and company out on the water, and were higher up which was pretty fun. We just chilled in the air and talked and on our way down I thought the Captain was going to dunk us in the water, but just dipped our toes and put us back up! Once Ethan and I were done, the Captain offered for one of us to fly again with Tucker and Ethan said I could do it (since it was a little boring to him just sitting in the air- Teenagers! haha) and of course I was stoked to do it. Tucker and I had just as much fun, and it did get pretty windy at one point which made me a little nauseous. We booked the 500 ft. flight but were actually sent up to 800 ft. for the price of the 500- Corolla Parasail REALLY spoils you. If you're ever in the Outer Banks-definitely check them out!

I can't say enough good things about our experience with Corolla Parasail- I had way more fun than I even expected and the pictures say just how I was feeling- loving every second. I'm so happy we got to do this and recommend the parasailing adventure to anyone who loves thrills, fun and excitement!
What's something on your bucket list?!!?

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