May 6, 2019

Why I Love My Rose Quartz Roller

I previously mentioned in one of my Amazon posts about the rose quartz facial roller I had purchased.
Photo by Uby Yanes on Unsplash
Focusing on using the rose quartz roller religiously the past few months has given my skin the added boost I needed. I'm sure you've heard of facial rollers a lot in the beauty world, so today I want to talk about how one has helped me personally. There are affiliate links in this post, thank you for your support.
Uses and benefits of a rose quartz roller:
-helps increase circulation by producing more blood flow and this leads to healthier skin
-decreases inflammation of puffy eyes
-addresses wrinkles
-helps saturate serums and oils into your skin
-use with peppermint oil, lavender and stress away with migraines
-tighten and reduce pores

Differences between jade and rose quartz:
The differences between a jade roller and a rose quartz roller are that the rose quartz is a softer stone compared to jade and it stays cooler too. The jade is good for detoxing the skin, while rose seems to be best for circulation based on my findings and reading reviews. Also, rose quartz is known to last longer since jade is a softer stone. You have to handle both with delicacy, but jade will break easier.

How to use your rose quartz roller:
When I use the roller at night- I cleanse, tone, apply eye creams, serums and moisturizer and lastly, any oils. For your face, you want to roll upward and outward. You use the larger stone, begin by rolling across your forehead, up the cheeks and around your mouth and jaw- all moving in an upward direction and towards the temples. 
Use the smaller stone for the area around your eyes, being cautions and gentle, and right around your nose moving upwards. You want to be sure to go outward, not back and forth!
If you have bad allergies, get sinus headaches or migraines you can also leave your roller in the fridge, apply some oils you love to your temples and roll away. You can also apply a sheet mask and roll, so the mask provides a barrier and creates less pressure if you're in a lot of pain.

How to care for your roller:
Once a week you want to wash with a gentle soap and water. Use care and don't let the soap or water touch the metal, so that you avoid any rusting. I use my fingers and roll the stone to clean, then pat dry with a towel and sit out on that dry towel overnight.

I have been using Vitamin E combined with jojoba oil five nights out of the week, along with my usual favorites and a few new things added in. I plan on sharing some updated skincare products and wonderful finds with you soon. While I'm terrified to show pictures of my skin sans makeup on the internet for the world to see, I wanted to show how much it has improved with the use of a rose quartz roller and Vitamin E oil.

While there's still room for improvement, I am in love with my rose quartz roller and the results it's provided so far. Do you use one? Tell me your favorite beauty tool!

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