May 1, 2019

What I Loved About April

I can't believe April is over- did it fly by for you?!
Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash
Today as we start a new month I wanted to recap what I loved about April. It was a busy, busy month and I know the next several will be just the same way. Enjoy every moment!
My friend Christine is seriously such a wonderful advocate for infertility. She shared a raw and beautiful message about when infertility is your ending. Mother, fighter, step-mother or need to read this and see how you can support loved ones you know going through something similar.

What's your favorite holiday?! Mine has always been Easter and usually people chuckle when I say that. I have fond memories of finding eggs and my basket on the holiday morning and loving the excitement. It continues to be my favorite and I was thrilled that it was later in the month this year, more time for fun! We colored eggs with the kids- Bella was confused and simply tried to eat the eggs, but I found a really easy kid-friendly alternative to traditional dye. I'll share it here in case anyone wants to try it out next year!
You need:
hard boiled eggs
container of whipped cream
food coloring (I heard that gel works best- but we used regular and the eggs came out fine)
To create:
Hard boil eggs and prepare for coloring
Soak eggs in vinegar for 2 minutes-be sure to fill your container to cover the eggs
While the eggs are soaking, fill a baking dish that has high sides (like a casserole dish) with whipped cream
Put drops of food coloring in different sections of the dish
Mix together lightly with a spoon (don't mix too much, that's the fun of the coloring)
Once eggs are done soaking, one by one roll around in the disk with coloring and whipped cream
Set aside after covered with color in a bowl for 30 minutes
Rinse or wipe the eggs off (I rinsed with cold water and it worked like a charm)
Voila! Colored eggs!
I shared that I was away for work a few weeks ago. It was my first time away from Bella and was so tough to leave, but glad I got this "first" over with. We survived, and I couldn't have done it without FaceTime and my husband. It's not easy balancing it all alone, I had done it the weekend before I left and then he took over that week...but there's nothing like coming home to my family after traveling. Giving the kids a big hug and relaxing with Chuck and some pizza after a busy week was just what I needed. I'm thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow with my company, and for all the support of my family along the way through all these new moments.

We've had a beautiful few weekends of weather and continued to enjoy time outside. We went to the zoo for the first time this year and Bella's highlight was definitely the carousel. Just look at these expressions! She kept saying WOW! over and over again and cried when we got off. It was so fun to watch her.
The weather has been phenomenal and I've enjoyed my new Apple watch keeping me accountable. I always want to crush my activity goals and getting outside for walks has helped. I love the fresh air and how Bella always wants to be outside enjoying the sunshine too!

I took advantage of a rainy afternoon when The Masters was on and took a nap on the couch. I thought Bella was napping with me, but by the looks of the picture Chuck took- I guess not. He added me to a shared Google photos album, and any picture with Bella or I in it goes in to a folder. Super handy, when we are out and about and I'm constantly asking him to send or AirDrop me pics!

We had a whirlwind of an Easter, but it was great to see family and enjoy one another and the nice weather. My cute 84 year old Grandfather made several trips to the store to make baskets for Ethan and Bella and even filled little eggs with money. It was precious and the sweet gesture made me smile. 
had to share Bella's Easter board ;)

they're getting so big!

a friend mentioned that Ethan is towering over me these days- SO true!
It was a fun and busy month!

My favorite Dream Big posts from April:

What was your favorite part about April? Anything fun planned for this month?

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