May 8, 2019

A Letter To Myself Two Years Ago

Part of being a blogger includes me wanting to share lessons, tidbits about life, any hacks that I can offer and lift up others.
Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash
I was thinking about what a different person I was only two short years ago and how much I have changed in such a quick amount of time.
Dear Emelia,
I know this next few years will bring some changes, but take it with ease and give yourself plenty of grace. Try not to stress about little things, and go with the flow some more. You will soon realize that changes in your life will bring some things you can't control as well. Depend on your circle- any hour of the day, text them, call them...that's why they're your circle. It's okay to rely on others. In the same tune, remember that life is too short to stress over people who don't treat you right. Be strong and stand up for what you believe in.
Don't feel bad for having a good time. You work hard, are a good parent and have a lot going on and everyone deserves a night out here and there. Hard work pays off so keep doing what's right and fighting towards your dream.
Soak up the little moments, the quiet time, the nights with nothing to do...they're some of the best times.
The more things change, the more you grow. You learn from mistakes, find your way and move forward with new knowledge, hopes and dreams. Keep growing girl...DREAM BIG!

What would you tell yourself two years ago? Xo!

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