April 10, 2019

What Our Marriage (Relationship) Looks Like After Having A Baby

I didn't realize how much having children could affect your marriage...both in good ways and challenging moments.

I had the idea to keep some notes on things that I've noticed during this transition and thought I would share them with you today. The moments aren't always glorious, but it's real life and navigating through a newer change. You appreciate your partner SO much more, and at the same time they can get on your last nerve way easier because you're overwhelmed and exhausted. Some of this is hilarious, while not intended to's just how things happen. Every household and marriage is different, and sometimes these things happen even without babies and children :)

It's yelling out to your husband while he's on the couch "I'm sick of packing lunches" and then sitting yourself on the couch while he cooks dinner.

It's getting excited to go play at the park or go on a walk when the weather warms up.

It's nightly talks about diaper rashes and the best diapers for your baby. The Target brand really does hold up as nicely as the others ;)

It's breakfast dates to Chick-Fil-A sharing hash browns with our children.

It's tag-teaming and asking for backup when you need to keep the wild toddler pinned down to give her medicine.

It's planning a date night a month in advance and looking forward to it for weeks.

It's being thankful when your spouse cleans up the mess after dinner, because if you have to clean up food from the floor one more night you may scream.

It's never ending lists and trips to the store forgetting things like which child needs milk and when the other eats the last of their favorite snack.

It's when your Amazon Prime subscriptions changes from fun things to one for diapers and wipes.

It's taking turns eating a hot meal while the other tends to the tiny human.

It's text messages talking about how awesome it is that you created these wonderful, fearless, beautiful family.

It's days like today when I'm worrying about leaving Bella for the first time, and Chuck is calming me down reminding me everything is going to be okay and will handle a circus for a few days while I'm gone. The juggling of drop-off and pick-up, bath time, all the packing of lunches....all by yourself. It's a balance, but one you make work because sometimes you just have to.

I may be a little absent this week while I am away for work. Wish me luck that I don't cry the whole time away from my baby and that Chuck stays sane without me ;) What does marriage or your relationship during a change look like for you? The real stuff...

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