April 24, 2019

These Toddler Times

Now that Bella is 18 months I feel that we are in the toddler years. She's not a baby, although I still do call her that sometimes, she will always be my baby. (Insert Mariah Carey lyrics here).
You hear about the terrible two's and toddler tantrums...and oh yes, they are real. I recently read something that talked about the little human brain not being able to process all the changes and growing they are doing, so they shut down. It makes sense and has helped me view these outbursts a little differently (when I can). Let's be real, I still tantrum right along with her when they happen sometimes, ha-ha.
What you don't hear a lot about is how wonderful these toddler years can be. These times filled with so much wonder, excitement and exploring. I think my most favorite thing about these days is watching Bella do it all. She's SO busy and gives me a new zest for life!
These toddler times are precious, beautiful and priceless-
They're the moments of Bella grabbing my face to kiss me and smother me with giggles. It's by far the cutest thing she does lately and I can't get enough.
It's when she hops in her pink car and looks at me, wanting to go on another walk. She loves being outside, how can I deny her that sunshine?!
I really enjoy that Bella will try anything- from running around and climbing things she hasn't before, to new dishes at dinner- she is open to anything and it makes me happy that she will at least try.
The faces she makes and expressions are absolutely adorable. Even when she pouts (don't tell her I said that). We went to the zoo a few weeks ago and the few minutes on the carousel were the highlight of my whole week. Watching Bella's excitement, faces and her saying WOW! over and over again made me melt. It was truly priceless to watch her, even if she cried when we got off. I would ride it over and over again if we could- it was magical to her.
Bella LOVES being outside and on the days it's not ideal to go out, watching her stand at the door looking outside with a huge smile makes me so happy.
She is FULL of life and loves exploring, she's in to everything and while it can be exhausting I am so thankful for her curiosity. I know it will pay off later in her life :)

In between all these happy times are a few restless nights, constant following me around the house, and the occasional temper tantrum. I wouldn't change it though because there will come a day when Bella won't cuddle me as I rock her in her room, and she won't follow me around and probably won't want to be seen with her Mom when she's a teenager. So, these moments in between are accepted and even welcomed at time, because I know they won't last forever.
These toddler times are challenging, fun, spirited and so worthwhile...

Bella, don't ever change. Keep being wild, bright-eyed, happy and wonderful YOU. We love you just the way you are!

What's something you don't want to change? We all have at least one thing...

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