March 18, 2019

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Water Intake

I feel that I'm pretty good about drinking water and see a lot of people asking in various places (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) how they can drink more.
Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash
Today I thought I would share my personal tips on how I keep hydrated and hope that they help you increase your water intake going forward. They're all easy and can be implemented right away to help you!

1. Determine how you drink water the best. For me, it's through a straw- so that means I have a lot of cups with straws wherever I go since it keeps me hydrated easiest. For some, it may be though a water-bottle or squeezable type of top. Think about how it is easiest for you to drink water and then check out my next tip.

2. Keep bottles around the house and your work space. I am not kidding when I say that I have a huge cup with a straw in every room of our home. I have one on the nightstand, one in the dining room, one in the bathroom on the vanity for when I'm getting ready in the morning, one in the living room and one in my car. I drink a whole cup of water when I'm getting ready in the morning, continue to drink water on my way to work and do the same upon getting home at night. I have found that having one in each room helps keep me accountable and is an "in your face" type of reminder that I need. You know they say- out of sight, out of mind. It's true when it comes to your water too! I have a few different tumblers at work, and prefer the larger cups so that I don't have to refill it as much throughout the day.

3. Use a water tracking app. Another great tool to use to remind yourself to drink that water is an app! Who knew there were such great things? There's an app for everything, I swear! Plant Nanny is a cute one I'm using at the moment, but when I was pregnant (and getting sick no matter what I ate or drank) I used the Daily Water Tracker Reminder. The second app has you put in our height and weight to help determine how much water you should be drinking per day. You can choose between ml or oz to track your daily goals and customize your personal preferences on what you would like to achieve. You are also able to see your weekly and monthly history and stats to see how you did. I noticed sometimes that I was worse on the weekends, when I was at home and that's when I started keeping water cups all around the house.

4. Drink water right when you wake up. I read that drinking 16 oz. of water first thing in the morning kicks up your metabolism and helps your body flush out toxins. I personally chug room temperature water out of one of my cups, but whatever works for you to get it down. Some also suggest hot lemon water as a tool for weight loss and ridding your body of unnecessary toxins. Again, finding out what works best for you is a key part in all of this staying hydrated business ;)

5. Invest in a Swell bottle. Chuck got me a S'well bottle years ago for Valentine's Day and it is one of the most used gifts I've ever received! S'well bottles are able to keep liquids hot or cold for an extended period of time without getting condensation on the bottle. It can keep your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. When we are on the go, whether it be a road trip or running errands I always take this bottle. I can easily refill it at a stop and know that it won't get warm or gross when it's in the bottle so I can continue to stay hydrated when we are out and about. I clean it out every few days, but usually this is in my bag or car and it holds up really well. I can't say enough good things about it. Chuck uses an off-brand version of the Yeti that I linked below and it keeps things cold really long, and if you use ice it even keeps it solid for hours...crazy! 

One of my favorite things to do in the Summer is make pitchers of infused waters. Here's my recipe I use for a strawberry-lemon-basil water:
You will need:
1 lemon
6 strawberries
Handful of basil
To make:
Slice 1 lemon
Slice & quarter the strawberries
Put all ingredients in a pitcher
Fill 1/4 of the pitcher with ice
Fill pitcher to the top with water
Let sit at least 4-6 hours for full flavor

And one more tip if you're a Starbucks chic like me- I always order a Trenta glass of ice water when I get my coffee. The water at Starbucks is triple filtered and so delicious, even cleaner and better for you than bottled water from the grocery or convenience store. So, if you stop in for a treat make sure to stay hydrated too ;)

I hope these tips and tricks help you increase your water intake. It's so important to stay hydrated and helps so many other things as well in regards to our bodies and physical wellness. Stay cool friends!
I have linked some of my favorite bottles by Swell, Corkicle, Yeti, and even some for the little ones! They are affiliate links.

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