February 25, 2019

What To Watch On Netflix Right Now

With cold Winter months comes more time inside. Are we sick of hearing me talk about Winter yet?!
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Well, it's brought about a good amount of Netflix binging and today I'm sharing some shows, documentaries and more to watch right now. There's a good variety here and no spoilers, so don't worry about that. Let's get to it...

YOU-originally on Lifetime, made it's debut on Netflix in December of 2018 and is based on the book. It's about a manager of a bookstore who becomes absolutely obsessed with an aspiring writer, and goes to crazy extents to be part of her life. I talked about the book by Caroline Kepnes in this post a few years ago. If you like to read, I also suggest her follow up Hidden Bodies. I will admit, I couldn't get in to the show at first but once episode 3 or 4 hit I was hooked, especially when I made the connection that it was based on the book....I didn't know going in to it.

The Staircase- This is a long series, and parts of it did bore me. I thought some of the episodes were really drawn out but overall it's very interesting. Weird, yes...crazy, yes...and the ending will leave you still wondering what really happened as there are other theories out there. This is based on a true case about the death of Michael Peterson's wife...was it an accident or murder? If you've watched it, I'm interested to hear your thoughts about the whole thing.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman-To be honest, I didn't watch much of David Letterman when he was on late night television. I absolutely loved watching these interviews- you can see right away how David's charm and knowledge gets every guest comfortable and talking about some great topics. From President Barack Obama, to Malala and even Jay-Z- the variety of guests is awesome and I wish that it was longer than an hour and more than 6 episodes, but another season is coming out! Barack's interview with David was his first after leaving office making it even more intriguing. I highly suggest checking this serious out.

Evil Genius- Right after the weekend it premiered on Netflix, I shared why you should watch Evil Genius, but I'll say it again- this is absolutely mind-blowing. Another true crime documentary, that took place in my town- Erie, Pa. A local pizza delivery man robs a PNC Bank with a bomb around his neck, and the craziness continues from there. I was a sophomore in college when all this happened, and the next year I interned at a local news station- the CBS affiliate and had the pleasure of working with Scott Bremner who is featured on the documentary. It's a really crazy story with some outlandish people behind the whole crime that made national news. It's still wild to think this happened just a few minutes away from where we currently live and drive by the scene weekly. It looks a lot different now, but it's still a little creepy when you think about it all.

Gaga Five Foot Two- I've always liked Gaga, never a super fan until A Star Is Born. She brought me to tears several times, even after watching it over and over. I watched Five Foot Two when I was on bed rest in the hospital with Bella and absolutely loved learning more about her. The documentary follows her during the release of a new album, some struggles where she is really vulnerable and it shed a new light on her from my perspective. I really enjoyed her story and loved watching her talent develop throughout the piece.

FYRE- The Greatest Party That Never Happened
- Billy McFarland, a 20 something sick, yet bright man scammed a ton of people out of A LOT of money by promising paradise and giving them pretty much nothing. No music festival, no cabanas..nothing like was showing on Social Media (imagine that)...the whole thing is crazy! This was a quick watch and Chuck and I both really enjoyed it. The story made my jaw-drop on more than one occasion and I couldn't believe how Billy had a way with words to get what he wanted. Check this one out if you have time...there's also a story on Hulu about the same festival.

Nailed It-If you love baking or cooking shows, this is one to watch! Nailed It finds a group of bakers who are good, not great and puts them up to the challenge of making Pinterest- worthy desserts and FAILING. I mean, we've all seen Pinterest fails, but these are hilarious. The show is hosted by a comedian and pastry chef making it even funnier to's an all around baking circus and will definitely make you laugh and feel better about your skills in the kitchen.

Have you seen any of these on Netflix? I'd love to hear what you're watching or interested in seeing next!

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