February 8, 2019

Recent Amazon Hits & Misses

I love sharing what I've purchased and even more so- what has worked and what items have been a total fail.
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A few weeks ago I talked about some Ulta hits & misses and thought it was time to share my recent Amazon purchases. Amazon is a huge go-to and Chuck recently had the idea to make some frequently purchased household things subscribe and save options so that we're not constantly running to the store for these items. Laundry detergent, energy drinks, snacks for Ethan's lunch, baby wipes and diapers, etc...such a lifesaver- Amazon we love you! There are affiliate links in this post.

I grabbed this rose quartz facial roller months ago, and to be honest- I forget to use it daily. I've used it probably ten times and do really enjoy it, but know that I'm not going to see the benefits if I don't stay on top of it. So my new mission is to consistently use this and share an update. So far, I would vote this as a win.

If you're looking for a stocking stuffer or an extra silly gift to throw in- you need this Saucemoto dip clip. I gave it to Chuck with some things for Christmas and he loves it. It's great if you're someone who travels a lot and tends to eat in the car, and let's be real-we all do it at some point. Stick that sauce in the clip and don't worry about spilling on yourself again! 

Total MISS on these baby girl winter plush boots that I grabbed for Bella. I was looking for some tall boots that she could wear on the extra cold days, and didn't spend a lot of time researching since when I bought them she wasn't walking yet. They didn't stay on at all, constantly fell off and after a weekend of dealing with hunting the missing boot down I returned them.

I am absolutely loving this Dove shower foam. I purchased a 2-pack more than 3 months ago and am still on the first bottle. I love foaming hand soaps and washes and feel that they lather better. I'll definitely be buying this again.

Chuck got me one of the new phones when they came out and this iPhone XR clear case is a definite thumbs up. I have the red iPhone so I want to still enjoy that color with a case on, and this clear rubber case is so great. It's really inexpensive and protects the phone well.

Going along with the previously mentioned, when you get a new phone you need new screen protectors. They are a must, especially with the price of cell phones these days. These iPhone screen protectors- 3 pack is a great buy and get the job done.

This rice water cleansing oil was a miss from me. I don't feel it doing anything when I'm washing my face and don't see any real benefits. It has a lot of great reviews, but maybe this isn't the best solution for my skin type. I have used an oil type cleanser in the past- actually an olive oil based one and that worked great, but the salon and spa I was working at stopped carrying it. I'll still be on the hunt for a replacement cleansing oil.

Bella needed a bookshelf for her room as her collection has grown, but I didn't want anything too big. I found this 3-tier storage shelf and it made the perfect solution. I attempted to build it myself but am absolutely awful with directions and building, so Chuck put it together in under 10 minutes. This would be great for an office too!

I know a lot of children use the Munchkin Miracle 360 cups and saw these Munchkin Miracle 360 cup lids and am so happy I did. They work great and keep the sippy cup from spilling when I throw it in the diaper bag or take it in the car with us. Great, inexpensive purchase for sure!

Last, but certainly not least- my most favorite purchase the past few months has been this eyelash serum. I have been using it for 3 weeks and the difference in my lashes is absolutely incredible. It is SO cheap and I can't believe how well it works for the price- of course I read a ton of reviews before purchasing and will be using this from now on. I've used Rodan and Fields lash boost, which is expensive- and I would say this is a great dupe. From the easy application to the awesome results in a short amount of time- definitely try this out! I can't rave about it enough, treat yourself ;)

I'd like to thank all of you that participated in my 2019 Reader Survey last week. I appreciate all the feedback, and will be updating you on some things in the works on Dream Big and Buy the Shoes.
My giveaway winner, picked at random is Emily! Congrats- I'll be contacting you :)

So that's my latest round-up of  hit and miss purchases worth sharing! Tell me what you've received worth raving about from Amazon!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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