February 27, 2019

My Wish For My Children

In this crazy world, where things change every day it's important to focus on the good.

I was recently thinking about how our children can be affected by things that happen and what I want them to remember at the end of the day. Today I'm sharing my wishes and hopes for Ethan and Bella...

I hope you know then when Mommy made mac and cheese for dinner, it wasn't because she was lazy or didn't care. It's because sometimes life can be overwhelming, days can be tough and in those moments you just need mac and cheese.

Please remember that life isn't about being the prettiest girl in the room or the cutest boy on the stage. It's about having a good heart, being nice to people, exploring the world and finding your way. Always be the nice person with the big heart...that always wins in the end.

Sometimes Mommy wants an extra squeeze during that hug, it's not that I'm crazy or's just sometimes I need that hug more than you. You are the brightest parts of my day, and those extra few seconds and squeezes are so special to me.

Life gets hard sometimes, and we can't always be brave. Please always try and put your best foot forward, but know that it's okay to have a bad day and cry it out. You can always call me and I'll listen!

Enjoy the little moments in life. Ice cream before dinner nights, sleeping in on a day off and having breakfast in bed, watching the funny animals at the zoo, playing at the park until dark, watching the sunset at the beach, having the sand and water in our backyard at Lake Erie...these are all things we can easily take for granted. Have fun in all these times and remember how lucky you are.

Be thankful for the opportunities you have. A change in your career, a car to drive, a warm bed to sleep in at night. You don't have to wait until you're old like me ;) to be thankful for these things. Remember that life is what you make it, work hard and dream big. Relish in the thankfulness of the opportunities you have to look forward to all your life...never stop reaching for the stars!

Remember that even when Mommy and Daddy may be disappointed in your actions, we still love you. Life is about learning, and we all have our moments. There are several times I made the wrong decision or didn't think something through, but I know my family still loves me. We will always be here loving you through the bad days, hard times and mistakes...don't forget that. Family is forever.

We can learn something new every day friends, I hope you share your wisdom with the ones you love, your children, your nieces and nephews and one another! Hope you have the best week ahead, enjoy every moment!

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