February 18, 2019

My Thoughts On The Current Blogging Scene

I'm warning you now, this is heavy for a Monday. 
Photo by STIL on Unsplash's something that has been on my mind for a while. Especially as I've seen more and more bloggers "coming back". It's sad that they felt the need that they had to leave the blogging world at all, but I get it. It's different these days, the pressure is on you. I touched on it when I wrote about what happens when we start comparing ourselves.

If you're rocking 3 different color Gucci bags and have 15 pairs of Louboutin's you rotate on a weekly basis I DO NOT believe you are also buying your sweaters at Wal-Mart. The influx of sponsored content from this well known retailer blows my mind. I don't believe for one second these ladies are even stepping foot in Wal-Mart, let alone homing their latest fashion post there. THIS is what is wrong with blogging these days.

Instagram bloggers are not bloggers. Just because you post on Instagram three times a day, does not make you a blogger. Bloggers have websites, and share things from fashion, to recipes, to heck- even things that are on their mind aside from pretty pictures. Classifying these people as bloggers is a disappointment to those of us who maintain a website- an actual blog. 

Not showing respect for the followers that got you to where you are today really makes me mad. I get it, you have a blog and you want to direct people there in order to view the products you are taking time to link. You make money from those links, and you don't want to work for free. I don't either. There is a way to politely direct people to your blog, or heck...I think the better thing to do would be not answer them at all if your only option is to be rude. 

You can't all love Tula products that much. I finally had given in to the hype and decided to try a few. I used them religiously for three weeks straight and actually disliked the way my skin felt. No major changes, no disappearing under-eye circles and certainly no unicorns flying overhead. Don't tell me Tula rules all, please don't.

There's hundreds of thousands of us bloggers who have seen a shift in the blogging world. It doesn't matter if you can create a community and actively engage with them on a consistent basis while staying true to yourself and your brand as much as it seems to matter that you have 40,000 followers on Instagram. It's sad and somewhat disgruntling to those who put in work to keep a blog running and post to Instagram consistently, and drive our links on Pinterest back to our blog, and update our disclosure statements, and answer comments, and still do what we love at the end of the day. So this is why I get frustrated when these women on Instagram flying off to a new city each week and posing with their Starbucks in their size XXS Spanx leggings get the admiration that they do. This is not bashing anyone who's fit enough to wear XXS leggings, so please understand that.This is what people associate with a blogger these days, and it's just not real. It's not real life, it's not admirable and it's certainly not what I consider a role model. I miss the old blogging days, where you showed up just to read words. You didn't have to have pretty pictures all the time and you were simply interested in what someone had to say. 

So please believe that when I thank you for your support, tell you I appreciate you reading my blog, when I respond to your comments (sometimes yes, weeks late) and thank you for clicking on any affiliate links I use I really, really do mean it. This blogging world isn't easy. That doesn't mean that I'm just complaining- because I realize I've done a good amount in this post today. I absolutely adore the women that I have met through blogging. Chuck teases me at times that they're my Internet friends...but he knows that our bond is special. I love the people I meet through reaching out on an Instagram post, those that say I've helped them by sharing about my pregnancy, and the love list could go on and on. I'm truly thankful for this community of people that I've worked with, met in person, talked to- whether it's through e-mail or Twitter, bounced ideas off of, learned from and connected with. I've vowed to remain true to my roots and remind myself often that this is a hobby-one I love and enjoy, but I also want to honestly admit that it's still hard at times when you look around.
I would love to hear your thoughts on the blogging scene- even if you're not a blogger!

Thanks for taking the time to read what's on my mind today, I am now stepping off my soapbox ;) Have a great week!

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