February 6, 2019

My Experience With Blue Light Glasses

I've only been wearing contacts for the past year, after my eyesight got worse with pregnancy. Prior to that, I had worn glasses for driving at night and occasionally when I needed them to see far distances. I had an eye exam while I was pregnant and it had definitely changed, and the optometrist said that could happen because of hormones.
Fast forward to the end of pregnancy, during my bedrest and after I had Bella and I was pretty much blind. It didn't revert back and I couldn't handle wearing glasses all day every day so I started wearing contacts at 35 years old. Pretty hilarious to watch a grown woman get used to putting them in every day. I would call Chuck to come help me in the bathroom freaking out that I couldn't get them out of my eye- HA! Now, after almost a year of wearing them and I'm a pro ;)
But- I was starting to notice that I was still getting headaches once the afternoon hit, sometimes sooner and thought it could be due to the amount of time I'm on a computer each day. There's no avoiding it since it's a necessary part of my job so I looked in to blue light glasses.
I first heard about them from some other bloggers last year- I remember Dana from The Champagne Edit had posted about them since she was on the computer all day and night long. I was intrigued and wondered if they actually worked. To be honest I get overwhelmed by making phone calls for appointments and had so much going on during my pregnancy already, that I pushed the idea out of my mind.
Recently I knew something had to change, the headaches were coming on pretty much daily- with the exception of the weekends. This made me realize it was probably related to work and being on the computer. A co-worker mentioned at lunch one day that he had picked some up and noticed they were helping. I thought it was time to check some out so I looked up Zenni Optical. Zenni is known for great quality and cute glasses for a fraction of the price you can pay other places. You are able to get non-prescription blue light glasses or upload your current prescription and choose the option for the lenses with your choice of frames.
Let's back up a minute and talk about blue light. What is it exactly? Blue light can come from your phone, computer screens, fluorescent lights and even sunlight. Over exposure to blue light isn't proved to lead you to vision loss, but several reports show that it can increase the risk of cataracts and cancer in your eyes. You hear about digital eye strain and this is often tied to blue light, but it really isn't the exposure to the light- rather it's the constant extreme focusing of your eyes on the light. This makes sense why I was getting headaches on the computer recently, since I'm looking at it focusing on information and several different screens for long periods of time. 
I paid $27 for the lenses and frames and definitely love them. I have only had one headache since wearing them at work, and have been using them consistently for 3 weeks. I definitely feel them on my face, although when holding them in my hand they feel fairly lightweight. It's not really a bother, since I do take them off for breaks and during my lunch.

I've been really impressed with the blue light glasses and know people who have purchased theirs on Amazon and some local pharmacies like CVS and Walgreen's if you don't need a prescription. While not sponsored, I highly recommend Zenni Optical if you do need to use your can't beat the price and service!

Tell me...have you tried blue light glasses? If so, what do you think?

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