February 22, 2019

If You Want To Laugh

I've had quite the laugh at myself instead of keeping all this goodness inside, I thought I would share with you.
Photo by Parker Burchfield on Unsplash
Monday I had to run out to pick up a prescription. Normally I will run an errand after work if needed, but during post-workday hours traffic seems to be nuts and I don't have the mental capacity to deal with people. Instead, I found that I also felt better if I did it once I put Bella down for the night and wasn't taking time away from playing with her. So, Monday at 8 pm I ran to pick up the prescription and some milk for the kids. I was already out, so to make Monday better I ventured to TJ Maxx across the street to browse their kids clothes. No joke- I had on a t-shirt with no bra...but you couldn't tell thanks to my long, quilted winter coat LOL...and grey pajama pants that are legging style, with my black Nike's. I kid you not, this lady came up to me and complimented my workout pants. I kindly smiled and said "thank you so much!"Meanwhile, the ONLY cardio I was doing was walking around TJ Maxx shopping ;)

Last month I got pulled over for a whopping three reasons...speeding (I was driving alone, no children were in the car), an expired registration and inspection. Who even looks at that sticker on the windshield?! The Officer was kind enough to only charge me with one of the three, but still $150 later I was pretty irritated with my mistake. So, I went online to take care of my registration...because who knew- but they no longer mail that to you. I paid my fine, and went on my way. Well, guess who stupidly forgot to schedule the inspection?!! Yep, ME. Guess who then got pulled over on Friday on her way to happy hour. Yep, ME! Right away I thought "oh shoot, here we go." I already knew what was happening. The Officer asked me why it still wasn't done and I explained that I'm a hot mess who seems to forget a lot lately. I told him how mad I was at myself that I forgot to do it and was honest. It took him FOREVER while he was in his car...I was fuming mad. I was texting Chuck at home, and my friend who I was meeting at Mad Mex and felt so bad I was holding her up. I said to her "What the heck is taking him so long?" and she replied "He probably looked you up and found your blog!" It was just the laugh I needed in the moment...thanks Nicole ;) After the whole mess, I couldn't help but laugh at my irresponsibility. Dad, if you're reading this...I'm sorry. My Dad is a retired Corporal and knows that this isn't the first time I've gone months without realizing I needed an inspection. Once I took my car for an oil change and they asked if I was getting an inspection also, because I was TEN months overdue. What can I say? I'm a hot mess! After recently paying for two citations, I HOPE I will never forget to take care of my registration and inspection EVER again....oh my!

I can NOT for the life of me stop calling AirPods an iPod- you know, the device created back in 2001?!! HA! I was asking Ethan if he had an iPod case, and he was so confused asking what the heck I was even talking about. He then proceeded to crack up laughing, and I realized what I had said. I've done it every time since, when talking about AirPods it just comes out. Guess I'm old school...

Last night I had a few things I wanted to pick up for some recipes at Aldi's, so I stopped there while I was out running an errand.  Naturally, I have no quarters in my wallet so I dug through my car to finally find one for my cart. I was sweating by the time I found one and could not believe that it took as long as I did to find a quarter so that I could get a cart. I knew better, that once I entered the store I would grab more than a few things so a cart was totally necessary. When I was done shopping and got my quarter back I returned to my car, grabbed a post it- stuck my quarter to it and put it aside and labeled it my Aldi's quarter. LOL I thought it was a genius idea, but I've realized I'm just old.

That's all I have for today, with my hot mess, goofy self. Hope you enjoyed a good laugh on me ;)
Enjoy your weekend, soak up the sunshine!

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