January 2, 2019

What I'm Looking Forward To In 2019

Happy 2019 friends! I hope that everyone is rested, rejuvenated and feeling great starting off the New Year!
Before I took a little break over Christmas, I shared a 2018 Best Of Dream Big and Buy the Shoes including the most read posts, and some of my personal favorites. It's always important to me to look back and see what you enjoyed most and it seems to be a little bit of everything, which makes me happy because I do enjoy talking about a variety here on Dream Big and Buy the Shoes.
Today, I wanted to share what I'm looking forward to in 2019. I'm not going to make resolutions. I hope to overall become an even better version of myself and think that resolutions don't necessarily work for me. Sometimes someone can change SO much due to one life event that it makes you look at life a whole new way and puts you in a different place all together. 
So, let's talk about what I'm looking forward to this year...

I plan on making lots more wonderful family memories. When looking back through my camera roll I noticed that so many of my favorite moments of last year included simple, laid back days with my family. Looking at Christmas lights, trips to the peninsula, enjoying an ice cream date and the little things in life. More of this please, much more!
I will definitely be learning more at work as I progress in my new role and it's going to be a challenging year of diving in to work and making things happen. I will continuing my education and working towards more designations to have under my insurance belt.
I hope to do more living in the moment. We can get SO caught up in what happened yesterday and what tomorrow will bring. I suffer from anxiety and still, years later struggle to find the best combination to keep me totally zen. LOL, but really...I need to work on this. Less stress, more living.

Chuck and I have been enjoying more date nights and usually get out of the house child free at least once a month, and it's SO GOOD for us. Just a few hours really makes a difference and makes me feel better and not like we are just going through the motions.
I see Ethan and Bella interacting more as she gets more playful and talkative, and it really warms my heart. He was an only child for a long time, and adding a new babe to the house was an adjustment. Ethan really seems to enjoy Bella being around and it's so wonderful to watch them together. She lights up the minute she sees him or hears his voice. 
I love Erie. Yes, it can snow a lot in the Winter (knock on wood we continue to stay lucky this year), but I'm looking forward to more memories in Erie. I want to take advantage of local gems, cool restaurants, and unique, fun things to do with our whole family. I hope to share more about our city and the great stuff around town here on the blog.

Well, that's my plan for the year. My resolution is no resolutions, just being better all around. I think it will work and I won't look back 12 months from now wondering what my resolutions even were to start. No shame if you make them...whatever works for YOU!
I hope that you're having a great week and amazing start to the new year. I've got a variety of posts planned from things on my mind, to skincare and baby items. Let's keep the momentum going throughout the month!
Tell me...what are you looking forward to in 2019? See you back here Friday...enjoy your day friends!

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