January 18, 2019

Travel Bucket List

I was thinking about bucket lists a few weeks ago.
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

I don't necessarily have a life bucket list. Goals, yes. Hopes for the future, of course. I suppose my Bucket List pretty much refers to experiences and travel. I'm not a world traveler- I've only ever traveled internationally to the Bahamas on a cruise, but I loved it. I want to do more of it and want our children to have awesome experiences and see what the world has to offer.
Focusing more on experiences rather than material items and unnecessary things is a serious goal of mine. So today, I wanted to share my Travel Bucket List. Full of places I want to go, things I want to do and fun experiences I can partake in.

Sunset in Santorini
Journey to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Hot air balloon ride
Helicopter ride over Lake Erie
Eat gelato and drink lots of wine in Italy
Swim with pigs in Exuma
See the Northern Lights in Iceland
Skydive at Sunset
Watch the Sunrise in Fiji
Hang with the flamingos on the beach in Aruba
Use spare change to pay for a vacation
Enjoy a meal at Belle's Castle in Disney World
Ski in Vail
Have dinner in an aquarium
See New York City at Christmas time

What do you think? Anything on here you have done or want to do?
I would love to hear some of your bucket list items!

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