January 21, 2019

The Part You Can't Control

Today I want to share a thought I had driving home from work recently. This came about after thinking back to a situation I found myself in a few days prior to that.
Last week I was breaking down. It was that time of the month that us women are blessed with, my daily anxiety medication is on a national shortage and I hadn't had my medicine in a while because of it, and life in that moment felt like it was crashing down on me.
I broke down to my friend telling her I just wanted my Mom. Would my Mom be able to fix these things going on? Maybe not. But, there's just something about Mom's that fix things without really fixing them...right?!
After crying my eyes out and trying to gain some composure, I realized that there is always going to be a part of my life I can't control. The fact that my Mom is not physically here on Earth with me any longer is one of those facets in my life.
When I'm heated and feel like I can't think clearly, there's times that I say things I don't mean. While I do need to learn how to control my emotions better and how I react in the heat of the moment- I'm sure there's a small part of these emotions and actions that are due to anxiety. I've realized that I'm very emotional and I communicate better in writing than I do speaking my words, so sometimes I have to articulate myself in this manner instead.
There always seems to be a part we can't control. Blame it on emotions, anxiety, illness, that time of the month, whatever it may be..sometimes, just the course of life.
It's sometimes frustrating to me that there's a part we can't control, but I really think it is true. Situations that are handed to us that we find ourselves struggling through, moments full of emotion that bring us to our knees, the parts of life you can't control- there's also a beauty in them.
The beauty is the unknown, the life lessons that can come from these situations, the glimpse of hope left to get you through, the unanswered prayers...the part you can't control is sometimes the best part.

So the next time you find yourself in a situation and are frustrated that you can't control something- try to find the beauty in it. Stop and learn the lesson you are trying to be taught and come out the other side stronger.
The part you can't control may be scary, treacherous, confusing and maddening but it can also be lovely, inspiring, fascinating..and dare I say NECESSARY for you in that very moment?! Think about it.

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