January 4, 2019

The Natural Deodorant I Fell In Love With

Let me start off by saying, this post is not sponsored.
Although I ALWAYS give my honest opinions on all posts, I think that thoughts can be construed when readers see the subject matter has been sponsored by a brand. But not today. Today I'm simply sharing feedback on an awesome natural deodorant that I fell in love with last year.
I have waited to share the results after I have been using it for more than six months, and something interesting actually happened during testing that guarantee these thoughts further.
The Norwex Crystal Deodorant has been a lifesaver for me. I decided to switch to this all natural, mineral deodorant because of all the things I have read about antiperspirants and deodorants and their dangers. While I still drink Cherry Coke, I wanted to rid my body of any harmful things I could. I was intrigued by the Norwex brand and thought I would give it a try. For $13.99 I was hoping it would work.
Let me add, I sweat. I sweat a lot in the Summer. I'm being honest, it's not pretty. So, I was hopeful but also skeptical. I have read that most natural deodorants and the switch to them involve a "detox" period where your body rids of the odor that the aluminum was holding in. It can be nasty from what I've heard, but worth it in the long run.
I started using the Norwex Crystal Deodorant at the end of June and while it sounds wild, I didn't seem to go through a detox period that smelled. I was super paranoid and obviously kept smelling myself to be sure. I smelled...nothing. No body odor, no silly fragrances like vanilla gardenia flowing from my armpits, I kept using it, maybe even a little more skeptical now...and the results were amazing. I didn't feel sticky or gross...days that I was noticeably sweating, such as days walking the peninsula, doing heavy-duty moving and cleaning...still nothing gross or crazy happening with those armpits. It was seriously amazing.
Let me back up and tell you a little more about the deodorant itself. The Norwex Crystal Deodorant comes in a  clear stick form, as it is made from mineral salts. It does require a little more time to apply it.You need to wet it to apply and are supposed to continue under each arm until the stick is dry. I re-wet the stick after applying from one arm to the other. I then rinse again after applying and dab the stick dry on a towel. I let the deodorant air dry and don't put the lid on top. I do this to let it dry completely. Unfortunately, one time my clumsy self knocked it off the counter and it shattered as a result. This is one con of the Norwex deodorant, you do have to be pretty careful given the consistency it is made of. I love that it's odorless, doesn't stain your clothes and leaves me feeling so fresh.
When my Norwex shattered and I waited for a replacement, I went ahead and purchased Native deodorant at my local Target. I had been hearing about Native from every blogger under the sun, and even a few friends. While Native looked and felt more like any regular deodorant out there, it failed big time in leaving me feel clean. I have never felt more sticky or weird-even when using my Secret deodorant that I had for YEARS! I felt like I had to re-apply after 30 minutes of using it for the first strange. The scent was nice, but not so pleasant after a few hours...and this held true even after that "detox" period of 2-3 weeks. I gave it a chance, but it didn't hold up nearly as well as my Norwex.
A few family members have been using the Norwex Crystal Deodorant for over a YEAR, with the same original stick! I'm so impressed that the $13.99 lasts not only months, but over a year. Definitely worth the price tag to be a little healthier and stay smelling fresh, not fake.
If you'd like to give the Norwex deodorant a shot, you can purchase it here. My trusted Norwex representative is wonderful and super helpful if you happen to have any questions.
Now that you know all about how I'm smelling...or not smelling thanks to Norwex- tell me, have you tried a natural deodorant? What works for you?

Happy Friday- enjoy your weekend!

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