January 11, 2019

The Comparison Trap

With a new year comes new goals, for some- resolutions, and a fresh start.
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
It also comes with all sorts of other "in your face" types of things. My friend Lindsay talked about some of this in her post this week about more to life than losing weight. I've been thinking about how much is constantly pumped through our brains and put right in front of us because of Social Media. I enjoy things like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Can they become annoying? For sure...
Have I cancelled my Facebook account because I just can't take one more political or crazy post and just need a break? Hell yes! But more than that- I find myself in the comparison trap.
I'm happy with my life. I have a wonderful family that loves me. Do we have our share of problems like the rest of the world? We do. I have a career I enjoy that allows me wonderful opportunities, even when I've had a bad day at the office. I'm happy that I can say I wake up in a warm bed each morning, have food to put on the table and I'm grateful for a roof over my head.
Then why do I play this game? Why do I think my hair looks awful compared to that cute boutique owner who gets beautiful, long hair extensions? Why do I let my mind wonder if you have to be a size 4 to look good in ripped jeans? 
We see SO much because it's available within seconds at our fingertips that we fall in this awful trap. Last year I went ahead and unfollowed A LOT of people on Instagram. Most of them were bloggers. People who are similar to me in some way, that they have a creative outlet they enjoy and use Instagram to engage with people. I was finding that these people I decided to unfollow weren't like me in most ways though. There was too many filters, too much hip popping and throwing up peace signs and traveling to exotic vacations week after week that it was exhausting to follow any longer. To each their own- if that's how you choose to live your life and you are happy, that's wonderful. I seriously mean that. But, I don't have to be part of your audience. I start comparing my life and my fun creative outlet and wonder why I'm not being flown to Mexico to review a hotel for a complimentary stay. I know why- it's because I'm not going to be flaunting my size 8-10 in a bikini and my stomach sure does not look like THAT after child birth. 
That's okay. My blog is here as a fun endeavor for me. A creative outlet. A community to connect with people and hopefully inspire them and show them that great things happen when you follow your dreams.
I don't need to be size 4 or tan year round and pose with peace signs and Starbucks each morning. My house doesn't have to have an infinity pool. My teeth aren't as white as the clouds. 
I need to be happy with MY life and who I am and stop falling in the comparison trap. It's okay to not like or agree with everyone someone is doing. Don't bash them or compare doesn't get you anywhere. Simply unfollow and remain true to your roots.
You ARE worth every ounce of that...and much, MUCH more!

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