January 16, 2019

Must Have Items for Baby's First Year

Happy Wednesday friends! Today's post may not be for all of you, BUT if you have a baby shower coming up this year-you may want to continue reading.
I've been saving this list for over year and noting what our tried and true and constantly used items have been during Bella's first year.
There are SO many gadgets and new products out there, and ultimately every baby is different. Some of these things I've been asked time and time again how I like them and if they are worth it and if they made this list, they definitely ARE! This is a bit of a long list, but I wanted to be inclusive and not leave anything out. There are affiliate links in this post, thanks for your support!

Kickee Pants- These are the SOFTEST jammies you will ever own, and I think that's a must for baby's skin and definitely within the first few months. Bella really loved these and they're so easy to get on and off- we preferred the zipped sleepers for this reason.

Owlet-  I wrote a dedicated post about the wonders of the Owlet, and I think this one is a definite YES. This life saving device is discussed further in how it saves infants in this post. It's pricey, but it's 1000% worth it in my opinion.

DockATot- Bella was in her DockATot for over the first year. We started with the Deluxe size, and moved up to the Grand. This product is a multi-functional lounger, sleeper and can be used for playtime also. Bella slept in a similar setup in her NICU incubator and I think this is a huge reason why she slept so well in the DockATot- she was familiar with it since birth. You can read my honest thoughts on the DockATot in this post I shared.

Kick & Play Piano- Bella would play with this for hours on end! She loved hearing the music and sounds and swatting the fun animals and things to play with that were hanging from the top.

Backpack Diaper Bag- I started with the Oh Joy! brand backpack and really loved it. It definitely fit a lot and I shared what I carry in the diaper bag (hint- lots!) but then my friend Vivian shared a convertible bookbag that I fell in love with. I love the pink color, perfect for toting around a little babe and is really lightweight. I love how open it is on the inside and can see things easier than the original bag I had. Whatever a parent decides on, I think that being hands-free and having the backpack style is best!

Baby Bling Bows- These bows are the only ones that Bella can wear for hours and get NO marks. Some of those baby girl headbands should be banned with the amount of dents and marks they can leave in the head! These are my first recommendation, hands down- they are so cute, stretchy, come in a ton of fun prints and colors and their customer service is wonderful. Great to gift to others for a shower or holiday!

Aquaphor Baby- We used several ointments and creams for Bella's bum- nothing came close to working the wonders that Aquaphor does. I bought this about 10 months ago, and STILL have 1/4 left. You don't need anything else for the changing table, just this!

Wubanub Pacifiers- There's always a discussion on pacifiers- and to each their own. Bella still uses these, and when she was brand new it was so cute to see how she snuggled the animals- they were more than half the size of her, ha-ha! She holds them and cuddles them during her naps and at night and we always, always have one with us. I love the variety of animals they have!

Old Navy zip sleepers- These are the runner up to Kickee Pants- so easy for middle of the night changes and so many neutral prints makes them a definite winner in my book!

Baby Brezza- I'll never forget when Chuck walked in the door with this and said "I got us a baby Keurig". I replied "We don't need it, return it." Just kidding- we totally needed it. I was only able to pump for Bella a short while...she never got the hang of breast feeding as much as I wanted it to work. So making bottles was what we had to do, and this saved the day. I learned how valuable it was when we were away on vacation and had to make bottles in the middle of the thank you! This invention is a lifesaver.

4moms mamaRoo- While our baby swing was a hit, we used that sucker every single day for MONTHS...this helped during witching hour. There was nothing that would calm Bella down, but this...this did it.There's different motions- such as car ride (Bella's fave), various sounds and speeds which really makes it an all in one life changing device.

Inchbug labels- I was looking for some labels for Bella's items once she was taking a lunch to the sitter's. I wanted to label the food containers, sippy cup, etc... and got a lot of suggestions when I posted on Instagram stories. I went with Inchbug, because I wanted a small and yes, cute adhesive label. We have put things through the dishwasher over 40 times and the labels don't look worn, faded and aren't even close to coming off. They have a variety of labels for different uses and a bunch of styles. I love these!

Nose Frida- The weirdest, yet most satisfying and effective thing you will ever use on your child. I'm gonna be real, and gross for a minute. Babies noses get filled with lots of snot and other crap that stuffs them up so easily, especially during the dreary months. You'll do anything to make your baby happy, so you suck their snot out of their nose with this device. There's filters included to make sure you don't intake all that mess, and you may need to pin your child down to let at their nose- but it's worth it. Genius contraption I tell you! The whole Frida Baby line is really amazing- lots of cool products that are super useful.

Freshly Picked Moccasins- The cutest little moccs and they stay on baby's feet so well! They have the most darling little prints and styles and were Bella's first pair of moccasins that her Auntie's gifted her for Christmas last year. We got so much use out of them and love this brand so much.

Sassy Wonder Wheel- This little toy has been heaven sent for restaurants, the stroller and sometimes even the car. Bella is a very active little girl and is always busy. She can have a short attention span at times and is always wanting to be doing something. This little activity has kept her busy and intrigued while out to eat or when we are walking through the mall and she's in the stroller. She can spin the wheel, play with the rings and loves the colors. Another great, unique gift for a baby shower!

Bandana Bibs- Our favorite brand by far was Copper Pearl, they have really cute prints and gender neutral ones as well. These stayed on Bella well and I would match her outfits with all the different colors and prints they carry. Such a durable line of bibs.

Tummy Time Mirror- Babies aren't always the biggest fan of tummy time. This came in handy for months, and gave Bella something to look at other than our faces when she was down on her mat- LOL! She used this for the longest time, loves checking herself out in the mirror ;) SELF LOVE!

Blue Lizard Sunscreen- We've used this for years on Ethan since he has sensitive skin. Blue Lizard is mineral based and doesn't have fragrances or other things that can irritate that baby skin. Pediatricians will recommend different things- most say just to stay out of the sun. But, if you're going to be outside you want to be safe- this worked well on Bella and she also has sensitive skin. I recommend this for all the young ones!

That's it for my list of must have items for babies. It's long, but there are so many products out there that I wanted to share what worked for us. Every baby is different, so yours may have different needs. Whatever works for you is best, but I hope you got some ideas for gifts or something to help you.
Thanks for reading-have a great day!

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