January 9, 2019

Cleaning Out Your Makeup

With the start of a new year, I know I'm not the only one who likes to organize and clean.
I try to make it a habit to do this type of thing quarterly, but the end of the year can get so busy with the holidays that it's easy to overlook organization with all that's going on. Today I would like to share how I organize and clean out my makeup. There are affiliate links in this post.
When I share any pictures of my setup on Instagram, I'm usually often asked where my makeup organizer is from. Thank goodness for Amazon- because that's where 90% of my life is from ;) You can purchase my exact organizer here- but I do often see these at Homegoods and Marshall's fairly cheap too. I know, back when I was in high school, Caboodles were all the rage. They brought them back, and I definitely scooped one up for Bella...they work so well!
Let's start with brushes- I shared a post a few years back about why you should clean your makeup brushes weekly. I am not that good anymore- it happens monthly, or every other if I'm lucky. It is super important, especially if you have them out in the open for storage like I do.
When cleaning out your makeup, check the bottom of the container for the little symbol telling you when to pitch the product. If it doesn't have one, you can follow this guide below...but when in doubt, throw it out!
liquid concealer & foundation and cream blush- 1 year
primer- 1 year
face powder & blush- 2 years
mascara- 3 months
liquid eyeliner-6 months
brow powder & pencils-1 year
cream & stick eyeshadow- 1 year
powder eyeshadow- 2 years
gloss, balm & liquid lipstick- 1 year
lipstick & lip liner- 2 years
If you have tried something you don't like and can't return it to the store (even though Sephora has the BEST return policy)'s some ideas for your unwanted makeup. Use lipstick to make a craft or to sign cards with a chic touch. Pass it along to a friend- plenty of times I've received something in a beauty box or ipsy bag that just didn't work for me and I tried it once and gave it to a friend. Many Dress for Success locations take makeup and body products that are unused and put them to great use.

Going through my makeup and cleaning things out also made me realize that sometimes I can be an impulse buyer. I see someone else post about something and before doing my research and making sure it's something I really need or want to try, I click buy now! and end up using it once or NOT AT ALL and am simply wasting money. It's not good and if the start of a new year doesn't motivate you to do better, throwing away barely used products sure will. Don't spend unnecessary money!
I love love LOVE how this makeup organizer has the wide drawers for storage and as you can see, I can neatly (not cleanly- because this is real life) store everything that I use on a daily basis. Not too long ago I shared my go-to makeup routine and with the ease of this storage I can get ready in ten minutes every morning. No hunting or digging through a bag or drawer, it's all easily displayed right in front of me.
I store my makeup brushes in coffee mugs and it's what works best for now. I am not a fan of having them in a bag, only for travel and I like them all being out where I can see them- so this works. All my lipsticks are in a clear bag and are easily seen through that. I have debated getting one of those clear lipstick organizers that could go on top of my case, but I tend to usually have a lot of lip products on hand.

I hope this helps motivate you to check your makeup soon and discard anything that is too old and organize your most used products. It definitely makes life easier and saves me time to do other things in the morning. I've linked some of my favorite organizers and storage solutions below!

How do you organize and clean out your makeup?

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