December 10, 2018

Things To Keep In Mind This Week

Happy Monday- welcome back, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I'm soaking in another day at home with Bella. We don't have anything specific planned to do, so I'm going with the flow.
I thought this holiday Monday morning was a perfect time to share some thoughts during this very busy season. Here's some things to keep in mind as you go about your week-
-it's not about the presents, it's about the time spent together
-I'm sure you've seen it going around social media, but here's another reminder: don't go in debt showing people you love them
-you can't always plan those perfect moments for the Christmas card, sometimes the hilarious pictures are the best ones
-not everyone is a fan of Santa- it's okay
-it you don't have time to bake 5 dozen cookies, I'm sure your family won't notice the difference between the store bought ones
-it's quite alright to leave your holiday decorations up through January ;)
-don't beat yourself up trying to get it all done...something will not get done and it's perfectly normal
-ENJOY the season, don't get lost in rushing through it filling your days with to-do's
I hope that your week is fabulous and full of fun Holiday moments. This weekend we did something new and went on a horse-drawn sleigh ride out on a farm and it was SO fun. I'll be thinking of the weekend as we continue to Friday :)

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