December 21, 2018

2018 Best Of Dream Big and Buy the Shoes

Happy Friday lovely people! I hope your week has been wonderful and that you're all ready for Christmas on Monday. Me? Not fully prepared, but we will get there ;) that's what the weekend is for!

Today I wanted to recap the year here on Dream Big and Buy the Shoes and share the top reads of 2018. It's always interesting to see what posts got the most traffic, therefore being most read by YOU. Dream Big and Buy the Shoes took a turn for more of a mommy and parenting blog this year. I didn't plan that, but it's just easy to talk about what's going on in your world- and a huge part of that is my family and new baby girl. 
I suppose I lost some readers to that, but it's to be expected. For 2019 I hope to stay more on schedule with blogging and posting 3 times a week. I'm still toying with the idea of switching to Wordpress, but at the same time don't want to worry about managing things in that regard. 
Enough's the top 5 posts for 2018 with some other favorites handpicked from yours truly.

5. Budget Fashion Finds Under $25 -this was a recent post and I'm happy to see it was on top for the year. I enjoy sharing things I love such as this- great pants from Wal-Mart that you wouldn't expect and my tried and true favorites. I plan on doing this on  a more regular basis next year!
4. A Letter To Bella On Her First Birthday- I remember writing this post and it took me over a week to fully finish because I cried so hard writing it. Happy tears and reminiscing on one year with my baby girl was so emotional and beautiful to me.

3. A Letter To My Mom On The Anniversary Of Her Death- Phew. Another emotional post. It hit me one day looking at the date that it was coming up on 18 years of my Mom being gone and it made me want to write another letter to her. Dealing with her death is a constant path of learning for me...I hope it helps someone else dealing with something similar.

2. On Not Being Ashamed- Sometimes life doesn't go as planned. You can have a few bad days. You may be in a different spot in life than you planned to be this year. It's okay to not be ashamed. I shared yet another personal post (these seemed to be popular this year) and I had so many people reach out about my strength. I didn't share it for those reasons, but this blog is a part of a goal to help other people and I think this post really did. 

1.How We Decided Our Family Is Complete & Why I'm Sharing Our Story- This was a very personal post that I went back and forth on sharing, and I'm glad I did since it was the top post for 2018. That means that my decision was a good one, and THIS is why I love to blog. Sharing things that are on my mind that mean so much and hopefully are helping others all at the same time. 
Honorable Mention:
35 Thoughts Turning 35- So fun, and really real. I loved sharing thoughts from the top of my head, some life lessons and silly things.
Tough Times Don't Last-Tough People Do- A beautiful reminder that you are in control of most situations in your life. Tough and trying times happen- but your perseverance and attitude can make all the difference.
Things The NICU Taught Me About Life- Those 17 days with Bella in the NICU were some of the hardest of my life and taught me SO, SO much.  A must read for anyone who knows someone with a baby in the NICU.
Balancing My Career and Parenting- The Transition- So much pressure is put on parents to do it all. Work, but be a good Mom, meal prep, send cookies for the bake sale, make sure you fundraise to pay for the class trip, etc, etc... I shared an update once I was back to work on how things were going. A realist look at the pressure put on us, I really enjoyed writing this one.

My Top Picks:
Living Outside Perfection- a story from my anxious self about how to ease up. 
Bella's Candyland- First Birthday Party Details- my most favorite event of the year, my sweetie's first birthday party.
4 Reasons You Should Watch Evil Genius On Netflix- based in my hometown of Erie, Pa...and just up the road from where we live now. A crazy, true story that made nationwide news, and is now on Netflix...check it out!

I'm so bummed that my comments from Disqus didn't migrate when I redesigned my blog because the comments are always so wonderful to read and start a whole new discussion that is great to be a part of. 

Thank YOU for being such a big, wonderful part of my 2018. Dream Big and Buy the Shoes is so very important to me. It's my creative outlet, it's my connection to so many friends, it's a community I hope to continue to grow and share. I have more posts, drafts and ideas I've been working on but decided it was best for me to take the rest of the year off. I want to spend time with my family, enjoy my time off work, do some baking and not worry about deadlines or forgetting something.
I'll be back in the beginning of January with fresh posts and will still be sticking to posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to keep it consistent.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy time with the ones you love the most. Eat that extra cookie, watch another movie and soak all the beautiful memories of the season in. Be safe, stay warm and have a Happy New Year.

Thank you for your constant support, love, friendship, kind words and much more- you all really have a special place in my heart. Xo!

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