November 28, 2018

My Go-To Makeup Routine

I haven't shared a beauty post in quite a while, and it's one of my favorite things to chat about.
I love talking makeup, beauty tips, great finds and actually have a few more drafts of some great things I've found recently that I can't wait to share! Today's post is about my go-to makeup routine. I get ready every day in 10 minutes or less and pretty much stick to the same things when it's an everyday look. On weekends or for special events, when I have more time I enjoy experimenting and trying new things. *There are affiliate links in this post- thanks for supporting Dream Big and Buy the Shoes and my makeups shopping!
1.I started using this moisturizing spray over a year ago and it's a great way to wake up your face and give it a good base every morning. I love the smell too! A bottle lasted me 16 months and I just scooped up a new one during the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sale!  Urban Decay priming spray
2. I've tested, used and tossed a ton of primers in my day. This one is absolutely amazing and I swear by it. My pores shrink and it gives my skin the ultimate perfect complexion- I use about half a dime size and love how easily it spreads. This Peter Thomas Roth skin to die for primer is well worth the price- I've had it for 10 months and still have plenty left.
3. Recently I was talking with a friend about what foundation she used and said she's tried a bunch but always goes back to her original. Well, the same goes for me too. I decided a few months ago that I wanted to try something else that may be a bit lighter and read a lot of reviews online (I love to do that- could read them for hours) and tried the Too Faced Born This Way. Fail. Nothing compares to my Estee Lauder doublewear foundation . In the Summer when I have a much more natural tan and don't need as much coverage I use the Senegence tinted moisturizer and was very impressed, as it was my first time using it that season.
4. It's not every day that I use concealer, but when I do I use the Tarte shape tape concealer . It does a wonderful job for contouring and covering things up if I ever need to.
5. Days that I don't get much sleep, aka when Bella is sick or badly teething this BECCA under eye brightening corrector is absolutely amazing. I only need one finger dab for both eyes and it does the job of 8 cups of coffee. This stuff is really awesome!
6. I'm no a fan of pencils to fill in my brows, they always look to bold and crazy. This Maybelline brow drama sculpting mascara applies so easily and does such a great job for such an inexpensive buy.
7. Some days I wear a neutral shadow, and others I play around a bit, depending on my mood. My absolute favorite palette is the Too Faced peanut butter & jelly palette, which is only available online from most places it seems. It smells great too ;)
8. Without a doubt, the only liner I'll ever use is Stila all day waterproof eye liner. I'll never stray or try another, because this is hands down the best. I bought two from the Ulta sale at the beginning of this year, and am on my second. Stock up when there's sales!
9. Absolutely without a doubt, my favorite beauty product is mascara: I always start with L'OrĂ©al lash primer because it really gives your lashes a boost. For an everyday wear, I use the Essence false effects mascara and for special occasions I totally layer my mascara. Some of my favorite high end purchases are Stila Huge Extreme Lash. A newer duo kit from Ulta includes this mascara and the liner I just talked about- SUCH a steal for $20 off! Another more expensive fave is Diorshow Iconic Overcurl.
10. I use a setting powder and love how well it works to keep everything in place all day- the best one I've found for my skin tone and type is the  Too Faced peach perfect mattifying powder.
11. THE best blush around is NARS orgasm blush and I can't find one that works better for a variety of skin tones- looks great when I'm tan and thankfully for me, when I'm not as well.
12. Finish it off with a great setting spray- the greatest one is the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray and it seriously lasts forever. I live by this in the Summer, can't be without it!
13. Beauty guru Lindsay turned me on to the  MAC prep+prime lip and I use it every day- it's seriously awesome and helps keep lips in place all day without flaking or drying.
14. Last, but certainly not least is the lipstick, and for everyday wear I swear by Too Faced melted matte lipstick (Queen B). The color is great and is the little pop that you need!

This may sound like a lot- 14 steps is a little lengthy, but I get ready in ten minutes and feel nice and put together. I swear by these products and find that they last me months and I'm not repurchasing more than twice a year, and usually only once a year for most of the pricier ones are definitely worth it! I hope you enjoyed this round-up of beauty products and can't wait to share more makeup and skincare with you soon.
What's your favorite beauty product?!

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