November 26, 2018

Does Somebody Need A Hug?

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and weekend.

I swear they always fly by so fast- no matter how many days you have off from work. Today I thought I would drop in for a good old fashioned weekending post!
We had a great Thanksgiving at our house- it was quiet, low key, and fun. I picked up some gifts online Thursday and Friday, and had the brilliant idea Friday that when I needed medicine to head to Target. It was around 3 pm, and the store was still packed- the line was a mile long and they had two people directing the traffic...oops! After getting Bella down for the night, Chuck and I watched Inside Man-it was really good!
Saturday morning we lounged around the house after sleeping in until after 9 am (SCORE!) and I remembered there was a Santa event going on at SUGAR- where we had Bella's birthday party. We ventured out and the crowd wasn't bad at all when we arrived. They had crafts, coloring and hot cocoa- but since Bella is too young for most of it we got in line to meet Santa. She was super sweet and waving to the employees who remembered us from her party and next thing you know it was our turn for Santa and Mrs. Claus. We walk up to the stage and they ask her name and we chat for a second, and the minute I passed her off to Santa, Bella lost it. It was sad, hilarious and classic all at the same time. We got a few funny pictures, and then Santa said to come sit on his lap while I held Bella- so I did and she continued to push his arm away screaming and crying. Mrs. Claus was trying to calm her down and one employee was trying to get a sweet family picture of all of us and told Chuck to come up, but it was so hilarious...I knew it wasn't happening. All I could think of was a quote from Elf- does somebody need a hug? HA!

The minute we walked away to sit down at a table, Bella was back to normal. Sweet as ever, looking around, and even at Santa again and wasn't phased at all. It's quite the reminder that you never know what you're going to get with children.
Sunday we visited with my grandparents and my great aunts and great uncle at my grandparents house. It was really nice to see them all- I try to get to my grandparents every Sunday, but sometimes I'm too busy with errands and was happy it worked out this week. My grandfather made some of his pasta and sauce and Bella LOVES it- she was a complete mess and wore out when we left....she took a good nap in the car after!
Just like that it's back to Monday- can't believe December will be here this weekend! I graduate from my training program this week and am really excited for that. I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

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