October 29, 2018

Things To Remember This Week

Happy Monday lovely people! We had a pretty low-key weekend and it was totally okay with me. 
We have been so on the go lately that it felt nice to slow down and sleep in- I'm always a fan of extra sleep! It got me thinking about some things we should keep in mind as the week goes on. I know the days can be long and sometimes exhausting, but they are also rewarding and fulfilling.

You should remember that you can do anything you put your mind to. As Monday comes around I always feel extra motivated, and sometimes it wears off as the week continues. Don't let it-stay strong and keep your mind sharp.

Love what you love, no shame, no apologies. People think I'm crazy for my love of Christmas and how elaborate I get decorating. I don't apologize for it. I love what I love and do what I do because it makes me happy. Feel good about what you enjoy and don't make excuses or apologies for it- ever!

Resting isn't for the weak- we all need a break at times. Sit down for those extra few minutes, hit snooze...heck take a nap if you want to. These days, being busy is glorified. Relax and do what you want to do, you've earned it.

I hope your week is great and full of Fall fun- anyone going trick or treating Wednesday? I hope the weather holds up for us to take Bella. If not, she won't remember anyways ;)
Enjoy your day! XO!

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