October 1, 2018

TBB Asks October-Fall 2.0

Happy Monday friends! I hope your weekend was great. Ours was nice and relaxing- we realized the next three weeks are super busy so we took it easy while we can!
I'm linking up today with Andrea and the rest of The Blended Blog ladies to talk about all the fall fun, which I am always down for! Let's get to it...

1. Favorite Fall Color? 
I love green, so olive for Fall is always my favorite. Unless leopard is a color, it's totally a color..right?!
2. Apple Cider HOT or COLD? 
Both?! But I prefer cold!
3. Caramel Apple: Yes or No? 
Yes, yes and YES!
4. Pumpkin Doughnut or Apple Cider Doughnut? 
I love pumpkin everything, but Apple Cider takes the cake (or doughnut) on this one.
5. Long or Short Cardigan? 
Long...I have added a ton of these to my closet the past few years and they're so cozy and nice.
6. Favorite Football or Fall Party Food?
 Bacon Wrapped Smokies just make me thing football season and I enjoy making them. 
7. Orange or White Pumpkins? 
Orange are classic, but white are cute too!
8. Hayride or Bonfire? 
Hayride! Last year we did a Fall Foliage hayride tour around Lake Erie and it was so cool- I hope to do it again this year. 
9. Favorite Fall Baked Good? 
Hmmmm- I love apple crisp and pumpkin bread! Sorry- can't pick favorites when it comes to baked goods ;)
10. Most anticipated Fall activity? 
I LOVE going to the pumpkin farm- we already went to one with Bella, and we plan on going to a few more this month!
I hope your start to the week is a great one. I would love to hear about your Fall faves- so share something with me in the comments! XO!

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