October 22, 2018

Fall Coffee Date

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Fall weekend.
We just arrived back from North Carolina last night after a long weekend celebrating the marriage of my brother in law and new sister in law. It's always so great to visit with family and see what's going on in their world.
What's new with you? Been on any trips or fall adventures? I always love to read about new places to visit or things to try- so share them with me in the comments.

If we were on a coffee date I'd tell you this month has been BUSY. It's been full of change, learning, celebration and a touch of sadness. I enjoy learning new things and it can also be very exhausting- so work has been rewarding and challenging all at the same time. We celebrated Bella's birthday and Chuck's all within a few days of one another and it was so much fun. Next, we gear up for Ethan's in December! Not to be a downer, but I do want to talk about a sad subject for a moment. One of our fellow bloggers, Leslie Soto passed away during the birth of her daughter due to some complications. I read the news that morning at work and my jaw dropped and tears fell. I couldn't believe what I was reading. It makes you really desire to cherish each and every second. There is a GoFundMe set up for their family- her son and husband are I'm sure so thankful for every bit, while her daughter Presley is still fighting in the NICU. Fly high Leslie!

What's your favorite season? Mine, it's Fall. I loveeeee the smell of the season, seeing the leaves change, feeling the crisp air and so much more. It's all so invigorating for me. So while I love being busy and doing all of the above mentioned things, I want to remember to stay in the moment and enjoy the now and the goodness that is Fall.

Speaking of Fall, let's talk about it a bit more. Something that's on my unofficial Fall bucket list this year is an Apple cider slushie. I've been seeing them posted and have the biggest craving for one now and can't wait to hit up a pumpkin patch we haven't visited yet and try theirs!

I don't ever want to rush Fall, but something I am anticipating after this season are new holiday coffee flavors. There's always something good and tasty- and I can always count on Target to release something great. I'm also anxious to get my coffee tree up ;)

Last but not least, if we were having coffee I would remind you to always Dream Big. Yea, it's my favorite saying- but it's so true. I've seen so many friends and family members kicking butt and reaching goals lately and it has me all sorts of inspired. There is nothing that can stop you when you put your all in to something, so dream on...and Dream Big!

Have a wonderful week ahead, enjoy every second. Tell me what's new with you! XO!

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