October 24, 2018

Charlotte Botanical Gardens

This past weekend while in North Carolina, we were looking for something to do with the kids on Saturday.
We wanted a chance for them to let loose and get some fresh air since we had been on the go doing things for the wedding the previous few days. Chuck found some information on the Charlotte Botanical Gardens at UNCC, so we decided to head over and check it out.

We started indoors looking at all the plants and flowers in the greenhouses. It was so beautiful to see all the bright colors and be able to be so close to everything to explore.

 There was a dinosaur room, a desert room, a sunroom and a rainforest area and each one was equally amazing. The great thing about the Gardens is that there is no fee, just a donation suggested. So you can take in all this beauty, next to nothing-such a nice experience.

After seeing everything indoors, we ventured outside just as it had stopped raining- perfect timing! It's a short walk across the street and I was immediately blown away at the beauty as we started in the garden area.
The first thing we saw as we began our tour was a tiny turtle. Chuck picked him up so Bella could get a look up close, and she was loving life. All the giggles for Mr. Turtle- she even touched his shell.

There were several areas and things to see throughout the garden, including the Terrace and Asian Garden. Everything was so detailed and gorgeous, I loved seeing all the colors and greenery throughout our walk.

We had a wonderful visit at the Charlotte Botanical Gardens- and if you're ever in the area, I highly recommend visiting. Plan for about 1.5-2 hours to get through everything and wear comfortable shoes, as there are some hills and rocks and uneven surfaces throughout the Gardens.

Do you like Botanical Gardens? Have you ever visited one?

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