September 7, 2018

August Favorites

I'm not sure I've said it enough this week- but I'm really excited for September!
I really enjoy the changing of seasons, and I'm still soaking up the last of Summer and anxiously awaiting all the leaves to fall. August was a long month that also flew by, and today I'm sharing my favorites along the way. 

Favorite Travel Post: Sierra and her family always go on the best adventures and I absolutely loved her tips to make travel affordable. If you're wondering how to do more, but affordably- then you need to check this out. 

Favorite Real Life Post: Infertility is a topic that seems to still not be widely discussed for as much as I hear about it in my circle. Emily shared an absolutely beautiful post about overcoming infertility, and the whole series is a wonderful read. Please share with those who you feel can benefit from this.

Favorite Beauty Post: I've been debating dropping some dough on a pricier foundation and this review from Christine about the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation was awesome. She even talks about a dupe for this great product, so you want to check it out!

Favorite Moment: While it makes me incredibly sad to see my babies growing up so fast, I am so proud of Ethan and the start of his high school career. He's been waking up on his own each morning, loves packing his own lunch and is really loving his freshman year so far. 
Favorite Inspirational Post: Plenty of times, I have shared Courtney's posts- she's such a breath of fresh air, positivity and fun. I was absolutely blown away reading this post, and how companies in the fashion industry have treated her. 

Favorite Purchase: Lindsay shared this amazing blazer, and it would look so cute with jeans in addition to being worn at the office. I wore it last week and got a TON of compliments and there's so many great color options!

Favorite Dream Big Posts in August: 

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have an awesome weekend! Tell me one of your favorite moments from August :)

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