August 13, 2018

This Stage of Life

...It's sticky hands, messy kitchens, late nights on the computer, quick kisses goodbye in the morning, an "I love you" as you lay them down to sleep, an unbalanced dinner just to spend time together....
Celebrating my birthday this year with an extra person in our family was really special. Chuck and I were talking a few weeks ago about how right now, in these moments....we have everything we have always wanted. I keep holding on to that sentiment because it's so true and wonderful.

Life is busy, but it's a good busy. I'm chasing a baby around. A baby that came in to this world 6 weeks early at 4 pounds and is now growing, crawling and thriving. We're getting Ethan ready for high did that happen?! Again, another awesome milestone that is keeping us busy.

While this stage of life does have me working more than a few months ago, it's good to feel motivated by my career. It gives me another purpose and my family drives me to succeed. I dread taking these tests that I have to and feel like I am back in college, but I am super grateful for the opportunity I have been given and a wonderful, inclusive work environment.

Sometimes I feel that I see Chuck for a mere 20 minutes while we eat dinner and the other time is spent catching up on things, tending to things around the house or running an errand but the time we spend before we fall asleep for the night talking about the future or our grand plans is one of the best parts of my day.

This stage of life doesn't have a lot of free time to just sit and think, but the moments I do are filled with smiles and usually my tears welling up with pure happiness. Life is good. There's a lot of changes. Puberty for one child. Developments for another. Pressure to perform at work. Balancing my attempts to be the best Mother I can, because I know that if I can do that the rest will fall in to place. It's a lot, but it's GOOD. 

I just want to remind you that every stage of life is different. Your stage of self doubt or success in your career will probably look different than your best friend's, but that's OKAY. This stage of life is a stepping stone and time spent learning something more than you knew yesterday. This stage of life is yours- own it.

Happy Monday-I hope this week is full of great things for you! XO!

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