August 22, 2018

T. Swift Reputation Tour: Most Fun I Ever Had and I'd Do It Over and Over Again

Concerts are mine and Chuck's thing. They make great date nights- a chance to usually leave Erie for a few hours and let loose and enjoy ourselves. 
I could sit here and count, but we've probably gone to about 20 shows together. We LOVE concerts. So- when he asked me to go to Taylor's Reputation Tour with him back in December when he bought the tickets I had to say yes...even if I wasn't a Swiftie. 
As time led up to the show I became more and more excited, since I knew how much Chuck was looking forward to it and we were way overdue for a date night. July 17th we headed to Cleveland for the Reputation Stadium Tour and I knew it was going to be fun as we walked in and I felt the good energy.
We got to our seats and as the show was getting ready to start I took a look around and noticed how eclectic the crowd was- there was a probably mid-20 year old sitting alone next to me, with a couple who were probably my parents age behind us, and a really young girl and her mom, and an older couple in another row near us. I smiled and nudged Chuck and pointed people out as I noticed how cool and diverse the crowd was. We got our bracelets on- they're given to you as you enter the stadium and got ready for the fun.
Taylor opened with Are You Ready For It...obviously. She came out with force and energy and everyone was already up and moving with their glowing bracelets and flashing wrists. She continued with several more hits from her latest album, and it was very evident through the show that Reputation was perfect for a stadium tour.

There were fireworks, lights, and so much to see and love about how it was all playing out. Taylor took it back to the 1989 album with Style, Love Story and You Belong With Me which were all great. She came back with the banger Look What you Made Me Do complete with a giant snake and Chuck's favorite- End Game.

As the show continued and it got darker, I wondered why we haven't been to more stadium shows before. We all know how much I love the sky, and I was able to catch some really dreamy views as Taylor continued her performance. She soared above the crowd to her second stage as she sang Delicate and a few more songs. She slowed it down and gave us a taste of something new while of course thanking the crowd, all her closest friends for showing up.

The lights were brightly back and Taylor returned with Blank Space, my favorite from the new album- Dress and a mash-up of Bad Blood and Should've Said No...that was epic. I think it may have been the best part of the whole show- it was SO good! Watch it here from her show on May 19- one of the best ones I found on You Tube.

Taylor wound it down at the piano with Don't Blame Me and New Year's Day and kicked off her grand finale with Getaway Car, Call It What You Want and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together/ This Is Why We an't Have Nice Things.
I was hands down blown away- it was an amazing show...she sang and danced her heart out and seemed truly thankful for all of us showing up.
After the show, Charlie asked to play Instagram husband and take some pics in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...I couldn't say no.

Thanks T. Swift and Charlie for a wonderful night...can't wait to do it (over and over) again.

Have you been to any concerts this Summer? Are you a Swiftie? ;)

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