August 1, 2018

Summer Coffee Date

I've never done a coffee chat post...but I figured today was a good day to start. I'm caught between wanting to blog and talk to you all, and not having a ton of inspiration or fresh ideas.
So, this is a way for me to check in and chat with you and catch up like we are on a coffee date.

....I went on a coffee date with a friend, and Bella in tow this past weekend. It was so great and I need to do that more often. I had a frozen almond latte, it was delicious. I got to enjoy it while my friend held Bella and we caught up. More quality time like that will always be appreciated.

...I've been super busy with work. Inside of starting a new job a few months ago, we are taking some insurance tests and a LOT of studying is done during the day, on my lunch hour occasionally and at home. It can be overwhelming at times, but I am VERY fortunate for this step in my career.

...I'm extra thankful for my husband lately- one of my girlfriends texted me last week that I should appreciate him. Not that I don't LOL, but he had contacted her about wanting to set up a girls get together and take care of hotel rooms and dinner & drinks. She wasn't spoiling the surprise- because she was trying to make it all work with dates, etc...but it really made me gush. Chuck always spoils me, and this gesture was even more appreciated. We're getting together this weekend in Erie with their baby girls and I'm really excited for it!

...A lot of people say I shouldn't rush things with Bella. It's not that I want to rush her rolling over or crawling or any of's that it's SO very exciting to see your child develop. I'm proud of her, thankful for her health and love watching her do new things. I don't ever want to rush time or make it slow down...because every single moment is worth cherishing. 

...There's a LOT of things I want to do lately- blog more, see more sunsets, work out, catch up on Shameless, read a stinking book...but not enough time in the day. I can't wake up at 5 am- it's just not me...that's real life. So- I've just been going with the flow. Watching Shameless while I walk on the treadmill, reading a chapter of a book when I have time and trying to be consistent with blogging. I may need to take another week off, because work and family come first and it's just a really busy time. I'm trying not to feel guilty...and just go with it. It's tough. Letting go and admitting you can't do it all isn't easy. Day by day...that's always my best approach.

Thanks for listening. I appreciate your comments, always. Please tell me something new with you or what's on your mind. I'd love to share a coffee date in the comments with you ;)

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