July 11, 2018

Most Used Registry Items & What I Wish Was On The List

Parenting is a wild thing- before your baby arrived you never thought you'd be sitting around talking about crazy things and what will soothe your baby at 2 am.
I'm a huge supporter of sharing what works. These things may not work for every parent, Aunt, Grandma or babysitter, but today I'm sharing what our most used registry items were- and what I wish was on the list. There are affiliate links in this post. 

DockATot & extra cover- We absolutely could not live without the "Dock", as we refer to it in our house. We take it when traveling, use it for naps and everything under the sun. The extra cover comes in handy when you're washing the other one.
gliding swing- I remember when we were registering and I asked Chuck, "do we really need all this stuff?", and he laughed. Yes, you need it. You don't know what baby will like- so be sure to get these products within a period you can return them, in case you don't need certain things. This one plays music and has different speeds- one of Bella's favorite things.
boppy- We use this all the time for tummy time, and it was great as she grew. We now use it to help her sit up and practice on the couch and in chairs and things.
bouncer chair- Another baby entertainer, when the swing isn't working. There's music and vibration and is a great soother.
Angelcare bath support- This tub was a little big at first for Bella, or seemed to be. Keep in mind she was 4 lbs. 12 ounces when she was born, so everything appeared to be pretty big.
backpack diaper bag- I shared what I carry in the diaper bag a while ago, and we have loved this one from the start. I don't know what I would do without this style/type. 
Wubbanub pacifier- Bella loves her Wubs, and clutching her animals. They were like a big stuffed animal for her when she was really tiny, and we have several of these!
What I Wish Was On The List:
temporal thermometer- I wish I had this the first time she was sick. Taking a temperature on a sick, fussy baby is not easy. We now own this, and it's awesome.
Frida Baby- 4 piece kit- Why did I not think of this?! These products are all so great. The Nose Frida is so weird, but oddly satisfying and works! The whole kit is a must.
 Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer- What a genius idea. I didn't learn about this until a few months ago, but this would have been SO helpful those first few months at home. It tracks last time you fed and changed your baby.
Medela quick clean steam bags- Breast feeding did not work out for me, but the time while I was using the pump these bags worked wonders when I was constantly cleaning parts. There are so many pieces to breast pumps and a lot to care for, so I would throw all the parts in these and steam clean them late at night/early in the morning. 
hands free pumping bra- An absolute MUST if you are breast feeding. You can actually get things done while using this and don't feel like a caged animal holding parts of the pump- LOL.

Where's my Mama's at? What has worked for you or something you wish was on your baby registry?

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